The Childhood stories

imagesChildhood is something which is astonishing, you remember some part of it and some is reminded to you by your parents and near relatives. But something which I remember is the bedtime stories from my mother, grandmother and grandpa. They all told me different stories my grandfather is more of a spiritual person and then he made certain that I experienced about the learning from the religious books like that of Mahabharata, Ramayana and Gita, while my mother used to tell me stories about angels, animals, humans and sometimes real life stories which she used to come across.
As I grew up I to some extend forgot about the stories or maybe I just left them in my childhood but, today when I came across on YouTube. I almost hopped out of happiness and I loved the animated videos of the stories that I had heard in my childhood. All the animals are so cute and also the way the stories are narrated is amazing. They are really nice but I cannot compare it to my mother’s voice and my mother’s touch and the sweet sleep which I went into just because of the stories recited by her.


My favorite story was that of the dove and the ant ( I was a lazy kid in my childhood and that left me with a habit of not helping anyone. But my momma used to tell me that if you don’t help others when you will need them they also won’t help you. I never used to help my elder brother but my mother always wanted me to help him so she used to recite this story around twice a week before bed and used to relate to my real life. To some extend I started helping my brother and today he is my life and helping him is my favorite thing.

Another very favorite story of mine is the three pigs and the wolf ( I used to enjoy that tale, but I used to feel sorry for the little pigs who were wiped out by the wolf and also I used to ask my mother if she would also send me like the pig’s mother did and my mother used to embrace me and say never. She told me that you should be wise when you are making your decisions. Though I don’t remember the story while making my decisions, but yeah the way my mom used to say these words to me, the expressions and the voice always hit my brain whenever I am taking some important decision.

In a way stories are a part of everyone’s childhood and they in some way stay with us all our lives. Stories are a way to endow us with morals and ethics.

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My dream home.



I think girls are fond of a great deal of things and one of them is renovating and decorating their home. I am also fond of renovating my home. And today Indiblogger and Porcelanosa have given me an opportunity to blog about a dream room and a dream bathroom that I would enjoy to have someday in my spirit. Hence here I set out composing my inaugural blog post where I will be daydreaming of the time I compose. My dream bathroom would have all these things.

Natural Stone- I am tired of the commonest colored tiles in my bathroom or else I would like to go for natural rock which looks awesome and also causes you feel somewhat close to nature. It’s something really different too. In particular, I would like to go for the Slate type of natural stone because I love the dark color.

Bath Tub- Bathing is something I love and if you have a good bathtub who won’t. I would enjoy to receive a minimal bath tub which is square shaped, the pattern I love. Besides, I enjoy reading books and listening music while enjoying bathing in the tub.

Bath Furniture- For good baths, having beautiful furniture in one bathroom is really really significant. I would like to go for Zen Crema Italia Bioprot Warm because since I want to have natural stone in my room and this is what suits that stone the most.

Rain shower- When in a hurry for going to work, the tub is not the right option to take a bath. I would like to go for Essence-C because weekdays should be celebrated by bathing under a good rain shower.

Bathroom accessories- Something very important in one bathroom is the accessories. I would like to go for Modul K because its something different and eye catching.

Shower Tray- I cannot afford to leave my bathroom dirty and shabby. So, I would like to go for a good shower tray and I choose Essence Crema Nilo Bioprot 120 x 80 x 5cm because it is what I think would go along the other things which I have chosen for my dream bathroom.


And I think my room needs just these additions and no other thing is needed.


Natural wood- I am a nature lover and having wooden floor in my room is what I have always dreamt off. I would like to go for Classic Ebano Luxor 39 x 39 x 1,3 cm

Wardrobe & Dressing room- The wardrobe department is overly confusing, I want all of them. It’s so good when it comes to capacity.I would like to go for Natura Roble Blanco Cal / Lino Habana Textil / Roble Nature because of the looks and the capacity.

Wall tiles- Since i am going for a darl coloured wooden floor in my room, I would like to go for a bit light coloured tiles when it comes to walls that is the reason I would choose Estocolmo Natural 22 x 90 cm / 14,3 x 90 cm.

And that is what my dream home would surely have and if you want to have them do visit

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I am hungry but, I want to be a literate

indexIndia is a developing country and like all other developing countries of the world, it is also facing problems like that of illiteracy, poverty, hunger and unemployment. The main reason behind illiteracy and hunger is poverty. A child who belongs to a poor family cannot think of education because his stomach is empty, his family has a very mirage income and so for the betterment of the family, he takes up something through which he can at least earn something for his family and himself. Even if the child wants to study and become something he or she cannot because in the end what matters is at least one meal a day to fill their skeleton like stomach. I remember, ones I had a small chat with a little young boy who used to polish shoes, I asked him would he like to study he said yes I said why don’t you join a nearby evening school, he said he cannot as he won’t be able to collect enough money every day for his meals. I was so sad to hear this. But, what if food is provided in the schools itself? Yes, I am talking about something called mid day meals or maybe all day meals or eliminating classroom hunger.

One thing which pops in my head is that how we can eliminate classroom hunger. I guess it’s not that hard, even if difficult it is not at all inconceivable. NGO’s and government should join hands in this common cause. In India the major problem is that even though the government is providing food to the kids at school, the food is either not available and if available is not hygienic. Imagine a cockroach and a lizard been found in the food- if the kids are poor it doesn’t mean that they can be served anything. The solution to this problem is that there should be a proper check on the preparation of the food. Also, the government can take help of various NGO’s or higher level officers in keeping a check in various schools in a city. The level of education should be increased in a government school. There should be no disparity in the quality of education being given to a kid in private school and a government school. Providing meals to the kid should be made compulsory in at least all the government schools. Another thing which the schools can do is that they can teach the kids some handmade craft which can be sold in the market so that the child not only eats and get a quality education but also earns for his family.

When I imagine an India with only literate people and with no one going to bed empty stomach, I get tears of happiness.

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My MK bag!

Quikr is one of the best websites I have ever came across it is way too good when it comes to the shopping experience you gain from this website. The name itself suggests that it is something very quick, when I logged on this website it was actually really really quick just because of the categories which are listed on this website you can buy anything from this website it can be a mobile phone or clothes or may be a bag. The best part is that it not only the has categories in terms of items but also the items can also be divided according to cities. It is basically a website on which you can find items which are either new or are second hand. You can easily find people selling things which they no more need and then you can call them and ask all your queries, finally meet them and buy the thing isn’t it a different experience altogether. It’s more of a fun thing rather. Yeah! have you seen that advertisement in which a bodybuilder is all done with his body building and wants to sell his machine and on the other hand a young boy wants to make his body but doesn’t has the means to do so but then the bodybuilder posts an advertisement  and the young boy views the same and they both are able to sell and buy things which they eagerly wanted to. That is what is quickr and thankfully I was also experience something like this just because of and


The best part is that they have given the options to search not only in the basis of category but also you can search by the name of the item you want to buy and then it shows all that which is available not only in your city but also in other cities and then you can call and ask the person to get the thing courier. The advertisement is listed in such a manner that it is very easy to select that which one you want to go for. The website is user friendly, I am not at all a technology freak I don’t know much about websites but it was so easy for me to use from today onwards I will suggest my friends also to check before they buy any stuff.


Having a M K bag is every girls desire and I always wanted to have one. One of my classmates used to carry a M K bag and I always desired of having one. But that desire was a desire until and unless I came across Various shopkeepers from Chandigarh had posted advertisements where in they had first replicas and also original ones. I didn’t wanted to have a replica instead have original one and guess what I was able to find a seller in my city who was very close to my house itself. As soon as I saw that advertisement I went crazy that their was an advertisement regarding MK bag, I picked up phone and started dialing the number given in the advertisement sadly he was not picking up his call and I was all sad because in my hearts of hearts I was in love with this bag whose picture was posted on But as they say true love never looses on anything this quote proved true for me and I got a call from this person who told me that I had called him, I had almost forgotten that I had called up some person for MK bag but after a second it stroked to me and I asked the person about the bag, he told me that the bag was available, I was so damn happy that I could not control my happiness.I asked him if he could deliver the same to my place and also I would pay him the amount their and then. But he said that he could deliver the bag only by evening I requested him to deliver the bag within 2 hours as I have excited to hold the bag in my hands. I kept on waiting with the amount (RS.4500) ready in my hands and I kept checking my door bell if it was in working condition. The guy didn’t show up within 2 hours which he had promised, I started doubting his intentions that may be he didn’t wanted to sell the bag, may be his gf saw the bag and said that she wants the bag and my thoughts went so on and so forth. I called up the guy again inquiring about the bag, he told me that his car broke down so he was not able to come but he is sending another person to deliver the bag, I was all excited that he has not changed his mind to sell the bag and I kept waiting again but to my sadness the guy didn’t show up again but finally in the evening he came and I then I was able to hold my beautiful Dream MK bag in my hands just because of


The best thing is that the bag is the one which I selected, it was exactly the same the person was too nice to deliver it at my place with a smiling face. It was the best shopping experience full of excitement which ever happened to me.

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The power of the words

imagesWriting is something which is really powerful. If you would have asked me this question three years ago I would have simply said that writing holds no power because neither I was a reader nor a writer, basically I had not gone through this world. But since now, I am a part of this universe of writers and readers I have this strong impression that writing can do wonders in both negative and positive views. A serious writer is more or less like a good orator, he can motivate, teach, inspire and can modify the mind of his readers in whatever way. Yea! A writer can hypnotize the thoughts, feelings, believes and disbelieves of a reader.

Writers have so much ability that they can bring social and diverse other alterations in the universe. The greatest example, we have is Malala Yousafzai the Nobel Peace Prize winner, she started as a Blog writer. She used the power of words in such a way that she was able to change the thoughts of the people around the world. The wrong in the world happens because the ones doing that wrong think that it is right. Now if a writer through his words is able to prove that the thoughts in a person’s head are wrong, the wrong can be stopped to a great extend.

Writing is not just writing instead it is a responsibility because you don’t know which one of your followers is idealizing your thoughts, maybe you are a role model of one of the readers. So all my fellow bloggers you have a power in your hands, which should be used very carefully and effectively.

“If a writer is an army man, writing is the gun and the words are his bullets”

My crisis angel, my family!


We are never ever taught during our childhood that failure is part of one’s life and if a person fails, we need to get up and stand again to fight against all the odds. Perhaps because our parents pray that we never experience failure ever in our lifespan but I guess every one of us face this word at least ones in our lifespan. I would say the crisis which leaves us broken and you feel like leaving this world.
When I was in twelfth, I was expecting to score good marks in my board exams, but sadly I scored very less marks than what I expected. I actually asked my mom to kill me and I used to cry all day, all night. For me the world was over, it no more existed for me. I gave up trusting in God. I was shattered by the realities of the world.

They say when no one is there God is there but for me at that point of my life God was also not there but then I had my family with me. If I am writing this post today it is just because I am alive and I am alive because of my parents and my sibling. At that point of my life the only reason for me not ending my life was my family.

I remember my mom used to keep my head in her lap like that of a newly born baby and used to talk to me all day, she used to leave all her work and just sit with me. She knew I was hurt, I was deeply injured and the scratch of my injury was visible to only my family and no one else. My dad used to make sure that the dream of mine to become something doesn’t dies and he used to come up with all sorts of inspirational stories that he could. I was friendless at that point of my life, not because my friends had left me just because I had left them. But they say a sibling is a permanent best friend one can ever have and thankfully I have one, he is and was my motivation. He was the one who used to make certain that my endless tears get converted into an eternal smile.

Yes! That’s true, I would have been dead if these three were not on that point as my pillars pulling me upward and putting my life on course. I owe a great deal to my family because even today they stand with me as a very strong tower.

My story was amazing but another superb story is what people of InCrisisRelief are doing. To know more visit

Learn to say “NO”

imagesOne thing my grad school has taught me is to say “No”. I never used to read this word in the first place because I believed it would hurt people, but I felt afterwards that in the end I was hurting myself. Saying no to anything which you don’t want to do or what you think is lame and not worth of it. Why not say a No and end the story instead of letting people use you and afterwards when you sit all alone and talk to yourself you feel that so and so person used me. It can be as small as sharing your assignment with a very far off friend or a dear friend and you yourself scoring less because the professor recalled that you were the one who copied stuff. It can also be paying the bills of your buddies for no good a reason. Giving lift to people who think that car runs on water instead of petrol. Guys learn to say NO, instead of getting used!

I have a degree, I am educated!




In India Education is more of having a degree and less of personal growth. You can easily find a Doctor, lawyer, Engineer, an MBA and various other degree holders with thoughts which are worse than that of illiterates. I recall meeting a Medical student who was entirely okay with the idea of slapping his wife. Suppose when a young woman and his family would select him, they would take him on the ground of his education, but sadly he is educated just for the namesake, he is not schooled in terms of ethics, values, moral philosophy and self development.
In my opinion education is not barely a degree it is lots more and it commenced with the objective of providing ethics, morals, teaching customs and providing self development but with the passing of time and with something called materialism hitting our heads things changed drastically because now we want everyone to be career oriented or money oriented we have set aside the actual aim of education.

For me an educated person is surely not the one with a degree instead a person who respects others, who stands for another, who causes the potential to stand against the wrong, who is full of moral values, the one who is well versed with the word ethics.

We live in a world of educated illiterates who are worst than illiterates. A person who is educated and behaves like illiterate is more dangerous for our society than a person who is not at all educated.

Can we think of the reasons? Because this is a very big problem that we are facing. I believe the education system should be changed a bit and the importance of morals should be brought up. Also, the parents need to change their opinions.


Haider movie- The whole story

Haider_PosterIt’s a long movie but yes its heart touching and too sentimental to deal with. If such things happen in Kashmir I feel sorrowful for those who live there and I thank god for I was born in Chandigarh. The story begins with a doctor helping the terrorists to survive when one of the terrorists  is ill and the doc gets caught while doing so, between all this he is taken away by the army to the secret camps where he is imprisoned, bullied, tortured, so much so that he is not more than a dead body. The foremost question which comes up is why did he help them? May be he prioritized his duty as a physician to save every patient’s life and he gave out his responsibilities towards his homeland. That is somewhat wrong according to me the Doctor should not have assisted the terrorists. But he had to pay heavily, he saw his house turn to ashes and had to leave his wife and kid all alone.

The child of the Doctor whose name is Haider didn’t reside with the parents because in his teenage he was about to get involved with the militants and was caught red handed by his mother. His mother decided to send him to Aligarh for his further studies. When he comes back after a long time he finds that his father is in some secret camp, his house is mere black coloured building just like a broken tunnel. When he goes to meet his mother, he doubts that his mother has an affair with his uncle.

The doctor knew that his brother was involved in hatching all the stories of his helping the terrorists to the militants. He also assumed that his wife was involved with his brother. He shared this story with his co prisoner Roohdar and told him that when he gets out of the secret camp, he should deliver a message to his son that is Haider that he should kill his uncle and should leave his mother’s sins for the courts of that almighty.

Roohdar (Co prisoner of the doctor) proving to be a true friend manages to give the message of the father to his son. Since Haider already doubted that his uncle had an affair with his mother, he believed the same thing. Roohdar also tells him that his father is no more and the only reason is that his uncle wanted him to be dead so that he could wed the love of his life, Haider’s mother.

The story of his uncle and mother involved in getting his father killed was easy to believe because ones he told everyone that his father was dead, his uncle decided to wed his brother’s wife, that is Haider’s mother the very following day.

Only, in the end it was established that the mother was not involved in the killing. The uncle was the one who wanted to kill his brother just because he wanted to marry his brother’s wife.
In the end, I can say one sided love can be deadly!

Go ahead ppl watch it at least ones if you love watching movies which tell you about the current situation of Kashmir.

My first presentation!

indexSomething I have been waiting for from last 4 years was to wear white T-shirt, black trousers and to stand in front of any crowd as a law student. This first was something I had waited for but, I was nervous, my heart was banging (the dhak Dhaka could be felt). I didn’t sleep at night before because of the preparations and the nervousness. Well! However, I took this first presentation seriously, I had planned everything to my level best. I got up early in the morning because I couldn’t sleep out of fear of what would happen at the time of presentation? I seriously felt that something would hold my voice from coming out.

In the morning I got ready dressed up and sat with my mom, she was boosting me up for the first presentation. I reached my college early Well! I really don’t know that I did this out of excitement or fear. I sat down on a bench and just gave a reading to what I was about to speak. After that the professor came in and I was not able to concentrate on the lecture. So, I opted for recording the lecture instead. I was boosting myself that things would go right because I assumed that at the least I will get a zero, but I will speak because I have to even if I get a zero for that matter.

The lecture got over and she started calling the names of the students who had their presentation and finally my turn came. Nothing came to my mind and went to the stand  and  started speaking, my eyes didn’t focus on any person I saw up and would see the wall because there are people in my class who smile for no good a reason. So, I decided to rely on the white yet cracked wall.

Though I couldn’t answer all the questions, but in the end of the presentation I was contended and satisfied with my performance.

From all this I learnt There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.