Social Media

images“Social media” this word has acquired a great deal of importance in the recent years. As far as I remember it all started from Orkut, which had public chats, status updates with word limit, visibility of who visited your profile. Essentially it was wholly a public matter which was not liked much by the masses because of which there was a sudden shift from Orkut to Facebook. Continue reading

Happy Anniversary to you my blog

1 Year Blog Anniversary

Last year at this time and at this particular day, I started my blog by shifting my old posts from blogger to this very blog. When I began this blog, I was all alone and sad because I had shifted to a new place where I had no friends, the only permanent friend I had (my brother) moved to Canada. On the other hand college was not at all fun because all my friends were busy with their love lives and I had no one to even talk to. Basically, life was almost a sad place to live.
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Road safety in India

road-safetyHave you ever driven your vehicle without abusing some good person on the road in India? I think I never found such a good opportunity because either some vehicle driver would change his lane without indicating or the two wheeler rider would overtake your car from the wrong side and when he overtakes, you get that sinking feeling and you feel like telling the guy that god just granted him a new life. Continue reading

Ways to eliminate classroom hunger

6a0120a7cb9b0e970b016764ff5fa9970b-800wiWays to eliminate classroom hunger
Classroom hunger is one of the biggest problems faced in India and various other countries. But they say every problem has a solution and so does this one. The government and the citizens of this country need to join hands, take steps to eliminate classroom hunger. Whatever estimates or hints which I have are as follows:-
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10 things I will dump this year

235x96_top-indivine-postThe ending of an old year calls for throwing away all the bad things and habits in that year and directing towards a fresh year with new self promises to be attained. That is why beginning of New Year is always cherished and celebrated. It is basically the learning’s from all the good and bad which happened in an year is put together and the lessons are used to make sure that we make our lives better the next year. Continue reading

Speak up

10407095_1504447079813428_540713822248111376_nWe in India face a lot of problems at every step and the main reason is either corruption or the unending population of our country, but what if we have a platform for speaking up all the wrongs which are happening around us, a wrong is a wrong and now we have a chance to speak up because Strepsils has started a campaign #AbMontuBolega. Yes! And Montu k sath ab hum Sab bolenge. Continue reading

In a hurry.

rickshawWhen examinations are on my head, I am like a drunken person because I become high over too many doses of reading; my mind has to endure a great deal of affairs which he usually doesn’t have to. Barely two days were left for my exam and I desired to finish a topic because one of my acquaintances said that it was a very important topic though it didn’t occur in my exam that is one good thing which happened to me. Continue reading

The Childhood stories

imagesChildhood is something which is astonishing, you remember some part of it and some is reminded to you by your parents and near relatives. But something which I remember is the bedtime stories from my mother, grandmother and grandpa. They all told me different stories my grandfather is more of a spiritual person and then he made certain that I experienced about the learning from the religious books like that of Mahabharata, Ramayana and Gita, while my mother used to tell me stories about angels, animals, humans and sometimes real life stories which she used to come across. Continue reading

My dream home.



I think girls are fond of a great deal of things and one of them is renovating and decorating their home. I am also fond of renovating my home. And today Indiblogger and Porcelanosa have given me an opportunity to blog about a dream room and a dream bathroom that I would enjoy to have someday in my spirit. Hence here I set out composing my inaugural blog post where I will be daydreaming of the time I compose. My dream bathroom would have all these things. Continue reading

I am hungry but, I want to be a literate

indexIndia is a developing country and like all other developing countries of the world, it is also facing problems like that of illiteracy, poverty, hunger and unemployment. The main reason behind illiteracy and hunger is poverty. A child who belongs to a poor family cannot think of education because his stomach is empty, his family has a very mirage income and so for the betterment of the family, he takes up something through which he can at least earn something for his family and himself. Continue reading