A gift from heaven- my second elder brother

Brother-SisterI am a younger sister of two of my elder brothers. Yes! Two and that is the most happening thing in my life because being a younger sister of two elder brothers is just awesome because everything gets doubled love, care & fights. My one elder brother has been with me from the day I was born, but my second elder brother was a gift from heaven. I met him in my college. Well! He is the only reason that I love my college because the best thing that DAV, my college gave me was my second elder brother. We met in our Public Administration class, we used to hate each other because I was studious and he was a big disturbance in class. We didn’t like each other from the very first day of our class. He used to call me fat and I used to call him mustached man. The hatred between both of us continued, but it couldn’t remain for much time because this hatred converted into friendship. One fine day, no one great day I missed my public administration class and from that day onwards we became friends because I borrowed notes from him. We climbed the stairs of friendship at a great speed. We became best friends on his birthday because I gave him a chocolate as a gift and according to him that was his first birthday gift from anyone. And then we started studying, eating and having fun together. We became brother and sister. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. He is not like my real brother, but he is my real brother. We both share a bond of love & purity. We both know each other’s deep dark secrets. We are friends first and then something else. The best part about us is that we get to know about each other’s sadness and happiness. We have been and will be with each other forever and ever. We fight like no one else can but we have a contract that we won’t let our relationship end because of our ego. He cares like a mother, scolds like a father, teases like a sister, irritates like a brother, and loves more than a lover. And I thank god every day for giving me this precious person as a gift . That is how I met my “Elder Brother”.


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  1. Sahil Takshak says:

    Both of u r lucky to have each other! 🙂


  2. Naiyyas says:

    Yes Sahil true we are both lucky to have each other… 🙂


  3. moli says:

    You are too good when it comes to jotting down your feelings. It’s almost like a pizza being served at pizza hut.. yummy and crispy..


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thankyou moli.. nice comparison.. pizza hut ka pizza 🙂


  4. You have one more thing, maybe u aren’t aware of it …that you have luck on ur side. Whereas, im poorest in this matter, we are two brothers and im elder one, i always wanted to have a sister, but you know luck. Whenever i see someone’s hand full of Rakhis i feel lyk jealous. I got everything in my life, bestest Dad, caring mom, too caring wife and a little angel “GRAZIE” my daughter. Still, i miss, sometimes so desperately, a sister in my life.
    You are truly blessed. And be blessed.


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thankyou Shabab.. Yes! I agree with you that I am lucky because I have permanent best friends. They have been with me from the day I was born. Having a brother like I have is a true blessing very less sisters are lucky to have a brother like I have, I am too proud of him.. Thanks a ton for reading.. I visited your blog really enjoyed your posts.. 😀

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