A meeting with life…. :)


Today was my Exam and the alarm bell rang at 5:00 am. I was not in a mood to get up, so I set the alarm again at 5:30.Again! I didn’t feel like getting up so I set the alarm clock at 6:00. Finally the bell rang, my mind & soul knew that either I get up or I am going to flunk in the exam. So, I got up revised some part, took bath and drove off my car to my college. Landed right in front my examination room. Well I just sat down for around 15 minutes doing nothing just analyzing my life sitting in the examination hall, sounds weird I know but I felt like a serious need of thinking. Now what I thought in those 15 minutes was that I have both reasons to be happy and sad in my life. It’s all on me to decide that what I choose happiness or sadness. I had almost a meeting with me, myself and my soul. Thinking what I can change and what changes have come into my life all these years. I was staring at my college building, I have spent 3 years of my life here but I never got to know that when these 3 years came and went. I cried the day I came to this college because I thought that I was far away from my dreams but today I felt that this college has taught me so much that it has lead me real close to my “DREAM”. In these three years I got to know one thing “We make plans of doing so many things but destiny has its own plans.” 🙂


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