A Relationship with my “DREAMS”

Dream-Life Today,  I was walking down a street with my headphones in my ear and my phone in my hand. I was just enjoying the song & trying to understand its meaning. And just then I looked up and saw four couples around me, they were just walking beside me. I just stopped to look at all of them. Some were fighting, some were loving to be with each other and others were just too busy staring at each other out of too much love that they were feeling for each other. I just thought how they have made each other their lives, just felt great. I was feeling happy seeing all of them together and I just closed my eyes their & then, prayed that may god keep all of them together. And I didn’t feel jealous because I am single because I am not single, I am in a relationship with my “DREAMS”. I trust and love my dreams more than these guys can love & trust each other. So everyone there “Love your dreams before you love someone else”.


6 Comments Add yours

    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thankyou Avinash…!!


  1. mohit tyagi says:

    hey nikita very nice story ,i like it…..awesome thingsssss


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thankyou Mohit. I am glad that you liked it!


  2. Nikita Goel says:

    Beautiful Dear ! Keep loving your Dreams


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thankyou Nikita and hi5 we have same name “NIKITA” 😀


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