Last December- The best days of my Life

Last DecemberLast December I was loved and pampered so much that this  December I am missing every bit of it. Those were the best days of my life. Eating KFC was a habit, writing was my passion, studying was an option and fun was mandatory. All this was made possible by three musketeers in my life, yes you guessed it right my siblings because the best thing God has given me is my family.We used to study all together solving each others problem, cooking for each other and then eating all together. I used to write when these guys were busy in some activity which I didn’t like. The writings came up so well that my article was showered with good comments which I used to  love. We all have been always together hmesha with each other but today we are all away from each other not because we guys had a fight naaaa… Because our destiny, our dreams & our aims separated us all. I cry each day because when I hug those memories, I feel that if I could live them again if I could go back to last December if I could just go back and never come here again, if I could just put everything on a halt. Crazy me I Know but I miss you guys a lot. Last December we all were together but today I am all alone. This was my answer to someone who asked me when you experienced the best days in your life? I said, “It was last December.” 🙂 😉


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