Narendra Modi VS Rahul Gandhi

modi-and-rahul-gandhi-291x21818342Yes, I am talking about soon to come General Elections 2014 in India. Today I read India Today and their reports say that 55% people want Narendra Modi as their Prime Minister whereas 44% want Rahul Gandhi as their Prime Minister. I am elated to find that people are sensible enough to vote for Narendra Modi. I am part of that 55% slot who want Modi as the Prime Minister of my mother India because I know that if he becomes the PM of India things would change so much so that India’s dream of becoming a super power can come true; countries like China won’t dare to enter the Indian territory ; the terrorists would run away to some other country and the Pakistani’s won’t dare to kill Indian people . Because Modi’s policies, programs and ideas are just the best. Rahul Gandhi stands no where in front of Narendra Modi. Rahul Gandhi may be a man of good nature but to run a country like India good nature is not required what is required is a brain which can solve any problem, intelligence which can beat the Chinese and the Pakistanis that intelligence is not there in Rahul Gandhi. Why an Italian blooded person should run our mother India when an Indian blood can run it in a much better way.

So, If you love your country vote of Narendra Modi vote for Narendra Modi….!


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  1. Glad to see another one from 55%! I’m a peer blogger from IndiBlogger visiting to review your blog.(Visited your photography blog as well!)
    Good going 🙂


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thanks a ton bahrgavkesavan for visiting my blogs.. and yes I am a big time fan and supporter of Namo.. thanx ones again..!!!


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