My first beach experience

beachI live in a place where there are no beaches though there are lakes and rivers, but my state doesn’t have any seashore so no beaches. For the first time in my life I saw a beach. I would like to share my experience with you.  I had never ever seen a beach in my whole life. I saw beach for the first time at Kovalam (Kerala). I saw the beach from my room; I caught a glimpse of the beach from the balcony of my room, I could see the blue and white coloured waves coming towards the shore again and again. The sun was just about to set it was as if the sun is going to hide somewhere in the middle of the ocean. The sound of the waves was awesome, it was like a song, like a melody, I could hear it. I gathered up my camera and went to the beach. I stood in the middle of the beach took some truly breath taking pictures. I could feel the waves touching my feet and my feet going down in the sand. It was fabulous experience. I stood in the middle of the beach on one side there was sea from where every second a wave used to come and on the other there were coconut trees too tall with coconuts hanging on them. I could not get off my eyes of trees and the waves. How natural it can be and it was. How beautiful nature can be and it is. After the sunset I could see the fishing boats they look beautiful as there lights blink at night. The view gets breath taking during the night as there is silence you can feel it and the silence is broken by the melodious music of the waves. It’s just like you are listening to a song which never ends. Tall coconut trees add to the beauty and the moon light acts like a jewel to a crown. The clouds make beautiful patterns and the moonlight falls on the beach and the sea. And if you sit and see the clouds, silver and whitish sky and the whitish waves which come and touch you almost every second you feel wonderful. So, my dear readers if you have never been to a beach do visit one and experience it. It’s worth it. Nature at its best. I am putting up some pictures too, which I was able to click at the beach.


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  1. Though mountain is my first love..still I like to spend time by the sea.. 🙂


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Mountains are also fun.. Thanx for reading.. 🙂


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