One relationship I miss

I miss you!Some relationships end not for good not for bad, but they end and they have so lovely memories that you feel like being in that relationship again with that same person. Ohkay! I am missing my friend, my sis and my used to partner in crime. We met around 8 years ago; she is elder to me, but much crazier than me. We became friends, sisters and what not, may be everything to each other. We shared our weird to weird secret with each other ahaan each and every secret. Discussing about each other’s crushes was our hobby and making fun of people was our passion even we ended up making fun of each other. We did anything & everything which made us happy. Sneak outs, night outs, eating for free, eating at night every damn creepy thing. We were lifelines for each other. If we didn’t meet for a week it was like we missed something, we used to meet as if we are meeting after years. Those hugs, those kisses and those talks I miss them. Those parties which used to never terminate and the fights which used to get worked out in a week, but then that one battle which ended this beautiful relationship. She was and is the best girlfriend that I ever had or anyone could ever have. I celebrated my one birthday with her and I accept it that it was the best birthday of my biography. No one could make my day that special as she could; her presence was one big factor. When mum and dad used to be away we used to plan out home parties which included just me and her and availability of money decided that what we would eat and drink. Basically, money didn’t matter, we both did. We exchanged gifts and I have saved all of them safely because those are the things which still make me feel close to her. I ruined that relationship just because I took heed to someone else advice so to everyone who is reading always see that how one person carries with you not with others because that’s what counts. Never walk behind someone and break a relationship which is important and close to your heart. Well, for my partner in crime I miss you girl and you were and will forever be my first love. This is for the most beautiful young lady who was one’s part of my spirit and always will be. 🙂 :’)



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  1. moli says:

    I guess it’s for your sister zuk zuk as you said. If its for someone else girl we need to meet soon because we are missing on at something.
    Nice work..


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Yes! You are right. But we need to meet soon I am dying to meet u


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