The seed of corruption

Today I was sitting with one of my family friends. They have a minor son who I guess is around 15 years. Since he is younger to me the only common topic good or bad, left to talk was that of studies. So I asked him what he wanted to become he said that he…

We are an example of unity

 I am in DAV College, Chandigarh and I never wanted to be in this college because it was famous for its wrong deeds. But anyhow the consequences and situations stood against me and I had to get into this college. In my first year, I didn’t get even a single good friend. But in the…

When I stood Against the wrong: Protest at School

Yes. Seems daring know? Protests in college are a common sight, but protests in school are something totally uncommon. But I and my classmates protested against our school authorities. I was in Sacred Heart Convent School, Chandigarh and  we had nuns who were an example of true strictness. When we entered twelfth standard we had…

I don’t have a name, I have names

When I was born, my granny and auntie (mother’s sister) were in a fix that should they name me Nikita or Naiyya. My daddy and mom came up with a solution so that equality could rule the household. They announced that at home, I would be called Naiyya whereas my official name would be Nikita….

Because my granny told me

My granny is a staunch follower of Brahma Kumaris. Brahma Kumaris is a religious foundation in which they teach people how to medicate and also provide knowledge to their followers about god and various other truths and lies of the universe. And the biggest myth which they tell their followers is that the world is…

People are getting married and what am I doing?

My final exams are just about to begin and to safely sit in the exams, it’s better to clear the bill. Yes, I am talking about the no dues. Mine was Rs 300 I am in DAV College, Chandigarh and most of the students there belong to Jatt clan. Jatts are basically Punjabis and most…

Election fights : Kirron Kher Vs Gul Panag

I live in Chandigarh and the three big Contestants are here in fighting elections for one seat. Congress has chosen the corrupted Pawan Bansal to fight elections on the other hand BJP and AAP thought of the celebrities to fight from city beautiful.

My favourite movie: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Bhaagh Milkha Bhaag is a movie about an Indian Athlete named Milkha Singh, who afforded to come 4th in the Olympic Games at the time when India was not at all into sports. Therefore, it was a big thing not only because he was one of the first Indian Athlete to make it to a…

The Grace of Giant Bubbles, in Central Park

Originally posted on Mahesh Nair:
It’s a treat to watch these massive bubbles hogging some seconds of limelight. Unlike small bubbles which children determinedly burst, these big ones are spared the ill-treatment. In fact, children are willing to shower them with love…without touching.

Turning 21: Things I have learned from my life

I am 21 years old today and in my journey of these 21 years I have learned a lot from everything my family, friends, relationships and various other things in the universe. The 21 things that I would wish to deal with you.. Here I start..