Turning 21: Things I have learned from my life

I am 21 today

I am 21 years old today and in my journey of these 21 years I have learned a lot from everything my family, friends, relationships and various other things in the universe. The 21 things that I would wish to deal with you.. Here I start..

1. Your family is the only one who will stand beside you whatever may be the situation all others are going to back out. So they should be your priority if you bear to choose between them and someone else.

2. If you have true love in your life and you know that he/she loves as no one else in the world can value them. Love is important if it’s genuine!

3. If you are lucky enough to have a sibling make him/her your best friend because if someone in the world can be your permanent best friend it is your sibling. Most of the best friends are just temporary.

4. No one in the world can love you selflessly as your grandparents can! So make it a point to talk to them ones in a week if you do so they will be as happy as no one can be on the face of this earth.

5. You should sustain a dream in your spirit and you should concentrate on your dream you should work hard to reach your dream. Dreaming is as important as eating & sleeping!

6. Forgive.. It is very very, very important that you forgive even if it was another person’s mistake you will feel fuller and likewise I don’t say that be in the same relationship again learn lessons and move on but before you terminate any relationship forgive you will feel the best!

7. Yes.. God delivers a plan for all of us, it’s difficult to accept the plan if it’s different from that of yours, but in the end it was for your benefit, you will realize it one day or the other.

8. Experience fun in your life, it’s important, but then you should specify boundaries to your fun too. Live life to the fullest if you won’t have fun now wen would you so have fun live life enjoy because Kal ho na ho.

9. If a person treats you well you should try to ignore some bad habits of that person because you should remember that no one is perfect. 10. Blood relations matter if you have good relatives you should respect them because very less ppl are lucky enough to have good relatives.

 11. Getting married early is not at all a respectable idea! First achieve something and then think about getting tied!

12. Everyone has Facebook friends, but very less ppl accept that they have fb friends. All right! I admit that some of my really serious friends are those whom I have set up on FB.

13. Being a child is fun at times. Life is ultimate fun when you act and have fun like a youngster

14. One should not be brand addicted instead one should be style addicted that is something which matters. Comfort is another thing which weighs a great deal.

15. Coffee and Chai are good mood changes. If you are not feeling well, have any one of the two.

16. Going for long walks alone and good music is a very good idea. You just feel awesome.

17. Never come into a relationship because you desire to be in one unless and until you find the right guy/girl. Remember being single is too too good!

18. BE thankful to god for whatever you have. He is there in one form or the other!

19. Never trust ppl blindly because ones it’s broken it’s very difficult to trust ppl again. So think before you trust anyone.

20. Having friends is very important, but if they are using you. You should leave them without fighting just leave them stop talking less to them.

21. Thank you my lawwwddd I am on twenty one. Last but not the least love yourself.. Even if you are fat, slim, black, white whatever love yourself to the fullest….!!!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. satish says:

    well said 🙂


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thankyou.. I am feeling really nice that you liked it.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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