Election fights : Kirron Kher Vs Gul Panag

gul-panagI live in Chandigarh and the three big Contestants are here in fighting elections for one seat. Congress has chosen the corrupted Pawan Bansal to fight elections on the other hand BJP and AAP thought of the celebrities to fight from city beautiful. Its Kirron Kher for BJP and Gul Panag for AAP (Aam Admi Party). And after a serious discussion with myself, I have decided to vote for Narendra Modi Backed Kirron Kher, I want a stable government for my city and country. I used to like AAP a bit, but what they have done in Delhi I don’t want that Arvind Kejriwal should do that in my city and my country. The capital city (Delhi) is seeing no developments and no decisions because its president’s rule there. I don’t want subsidy of water and electricity instead I want it for 24 hours. I don’t want agitations every now and then instead I want a government who fights the international dangers. From last 10 years we were ruled by a fool who couldn’t take any good decision for the country and now there are a number of decisions pending which can be taken only by one who is experienced and who keeps his country first. I want employment, I want cleanliness, I want rights for women and for that I will vote for BJP. I will vote for Kirron Kher who is well active in politics and has been working for NGO’s. She has done every good that she could do in her acting career on the other hand Gul Panag is yet to do good to her acting career. I want a social worker who can work for Chandigarh day and night and the right choice is Kirron Kher. My vote is for BJP because I want to be a part of change.


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