I don’t have a name, I have names

photoooooWhen I was born, my granny and auntie (mother’s sister) were in a fix that should they name me Nikita or Naiyya. My daddy and mom came up with a solution so that equality could rule the household. They announced that at home, I would be called Naiyya whereas my official name would be Nikita. Things didn’t end here.

 The hospital in which I was born was in the middle of Chandigarh and Panchkula (A city in the state of Haryana). So, the administration of both the cities refused to make my birth certificate. Eventually the situation got so bad that my birth certificate was made when I turned four and my Mommy tells now that she asked me then that what official name would I love to have I very arrogantly said I want it to be Nikita because it’s more of a corporate name. She attempted to convince me that Nikita is a very common name you should go with Naiyya its better. But I didn’t take heed to her and my decision remained the same. So, in my birth certificate my name was written Nikita with my due permission.

Then I grew up and started hating my name Nikita, instead loved my nick name Naiyya. In school all my good buddies used to call me Naiyya because I never used to reply if someone said Nikita. In school in my class there were four girls named Nikita including me. So my class teacher also started calling me Naiyya so that at least one Nikita could be reduced to avoid confusion.

And then one fine day I started writing my first blog related to law preparation (clatcracker.blogspot.in) and there I showed my love for my name Naiyya my giving myself pen name Naiyyas. Now the clat aspirants got confused between Nikita and Naiyya. So to lessen their confusion, I decided to change my fb name from Nikita Garg to Nikita Naiyya. And it appears to me that I got married to writing. Well! My name Naiyya in Hindi means Boat and my official name, yes the one which I don’t like Nikita is a Russian name.

Now, I am happy to be called Naiyya by the ones who are close to me and Nikita by all others in the world.

P.S This is the most neurotic post I could ever write on my names.

What does your name mean to you? Do you like it or hate it? Why? #WhatsInAName
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19 thoughts on “I don’t have a name, I have names

  1. Hey moti sis… I really laughed at word BOAT…. I hope u remembr d person who love 2 cal u boat…. Dis is a superb story… I love it lyk nything… Al b best wish… I wish u shud touch d sky…. Luv u sisi….. 😊👍


  2. Naiya is a sweet Indian name, In our community naiya means one who always saves you, through whom you can overcome obstacles. You have done that several times in your life.


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