We are an example of unity

race_comparedTo_religion I am in DAV College, Chandigarh and I never wanted to be in this college because it was famous for its wrong deeds. But anyhow the consequences and situations stood against me and I had to get into this college. In my first year, I didn’t get even a single good friend. But in the second year I found the best of the friends, hopefully for a lifetime.

In my group we are three idiots. Let me first tell you about the used to be most silent kid of the group Aqib when I met him, he used to remain silent, Chup chap, but then in my company who would not learn to speak and now he speaks endlessly. He is an honest man and is a person who has stood beside me in my good and bad times. The next in my group is Yuvraj a person who is born to speak and he experiences his own terms & conditions to survive life. And the third person is me. Do I need an introduction? Well, no if you are a consistent reader of my blog you don’t. (P.S. If you really wanna know about me read in the authors section)

We met in our public administration class. We used to hate each other for no good a reason. But then our destiny wanted us to become best friends and we became. From the day we began to hang together we stopped attending our classes. Fun was the only aim left in our lives. Study was left just for exams. We did everything which could make us happy eating Aloo parentheses, Maggi, playing cricket and even ended up beating each other because it made us happy. Yes! Those were the best days of my life. We have done all creepy and craziest things together. We three are partners in crimes.  

This is the only picture that we have affored to click in which all three of us are together. #memories

Since I am the only girl in the group they take me as a little sister. I can beat both of them for no good a reason, I can just tell them that I am angry with them just because at that point of time I need attention and also want both of them to come and just sit beside me asking why the hell I am sad. They are like everything to me. If my car is in a fix, obviously they are the ones whom I call. If I feel like roaming they are the ones who need to company me. And if in case I want to eat KFC they are the ones who go along.

The most significant thing about my group is that Aqib is a Muslim, I am a Hindu and Yuvraj is a Sikh. So, we are the perfect example of unity. We three love our religious, respect one another religious and also make fun of religions, but then our priority has always been our friendship.

That is my college group. I love both them alot and thank god for making these two idiots part of my life. I love you :* :*


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