10 Questions: How my head answers them?

1. Are you an elder sister of your brother?
1545137_280716358757036_724094117_nGosh! Okay! I accept the fact that I am little healthier than my brother, but that doesn’t mean that I am elder to him. Whenever some guests used to visit our place this was the most frequently asked questions. And my brother used to hop every time this question was asked because he his 4 years elder to me and people think that his looks d0n’t prove so. But then I came up with an idea instead of calling him by his name I started calling him Bhaiya and this idea worked wonders!

2. Are you a lawyer?
I have worked as a counselor for aspirants who are preparing for law and on my Facebook account and other accounts I have clearly mentioned that I am not doing law. It’s just that I like studying it. But then also during my work as a counselor at least ten times in a day I was asked this question. And then I came up with a solution I had written my introduction on my clipboard and used to copy-paste that whenever someone used to ask this question.

3. Do you miss your brother?
No, I am not a human being firstly and secondly, he was my enemy so I am damn happy that he has gone. On the face of that person I have to say yes! I miss him, but in my hearts of hearts I think that I couldn’t forget him for a minute from the second he has left me so how can I miss him.

4. You are from Sacred heart, a girl’s school how boring it would have been?
I did my eleventh and twelfth from a girls’ school and ppl have this misconception that girls’ school are boring may be because you can’t make bf’s but I am like hell yea it was damn fun, those were THE BEST years of my life.
5. Why are you single?
Weird! Because I want to be single. But I don’t say this instead I just smile.

6. Why are you so tall?
Because when I was a kid, my mom used to hold me from one side and my dad from another and they used to pull me from both sides, that is why I am so tall. Nice na go do this to urself.

7. You’re a vegetarian, what do you eat then?
I eat my hair or someone’s head. That’s the reason I am so talkative!

8. Can I check your phone
Why? You are not from my family that you have a right to do that and if you are a police officer, I am not a criminal so get lost!

9. In which college do you study followed by vahi jahan bahut fights hoti hai?
I am in a college where there are more about political conflicts because of student elections, but then it doesn’t mean that everyday all of us fight with each other.

10. Why are you so talkative?
Because when I was a kid a devil had bitten me and sadly the effects can be seen even now. Well! That’s my habit and its okay if you don’t like it leave!



6 Comments Add yours

  1. sachinprabhu007 says:

    Hilarious 😀 after reading this post i hope none will ask the above qns i guess 😀


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Even I hope so.. Thanks a ton for reading!


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thankyou Shabab!
      I really expected a comment from your side.. Thanks!


  2. pkdeka says:

    don’t mind … but i see rebellious answers coming up in your mind … anyway good to read


    1. Naiyyas says:

      I know… I wont mind.. thanx for reading.. 🙂 🙂


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