Free food and popped eyes

il_570xn-1684269921I and my best friend are really notorious kids. By notorious I don’t intend that we are gangster type people no not at all. We are notorious when it arrives to experiencing fun. We are always short of money not because we are just too poor because we spend lavishly. We went to a good hotel in Chandigarh called aroma which is just a few kilometres away from my house. We went and sat there; we were just deciding or basically fighting for the one dish that we could order, but then as we say god always help those who are hungry. Yes! God helped us, on the very next table there were sitting a bf and a gf. They were happily chatting, but suddenly they started fighting and they left. They had ordered around 4 dishes. As I said we were notorious yes, you guessed it right; we bribed the waiter to give those dishes to us. I would like to mention that it was self-service in which we had to pay as and when we ordered. Since there was not too much of a rush that day the waiters were serving on the table. They say nothing comes for free because we had to survive the killing looks from the crowd. They were gazing at us with their eyes popped out, but we were busy eating, eating and eating. I must say eating food for free is the ultimate fun, it tasted 100 times more better than the one we set up ourselves. Happy day indeed!!


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  1. ...shabab says:

    There is nothing more tasty than what you got for free… So, Naiyya, after that incident you’d to look a restaurant whr cud find couple on date. Wow, Shaitaani Dimag !!


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Yeah. I really do.. It’s fun when I arrived back home, I told my mum and dad they were like what a notorious kid they have… Thanks for reading.. 🙂


  2. Moli Mahal says:

    You know what right in the morning Ibzi called me up and said did you read naiyya’s blog.. I was like what happened she said arey! tumhari news publish ho gaye.. This was the best day Naiyya I cannot forget the speed with which we ate it was like we had broken out from a Jail and were hungry from time immemorial..

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    1. Naiyyas says:

      Hehehehehhe.. Thanku Moli.. Thanx for dropping in…

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  3. anupam says:

    I feel swept by gladness reading your experience Naiyya. Thanks for sharing this


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thankyou Anupam.. Thanx for visiting my blog..


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