My love for Punjabi songs

indexThough I am a hardcore Punjabi by heart, but I never used to hear Punjabi Songs. Being brought up in Chandigarh my mother tongue is Hindi. In the school I was taught only two languages Hindi & English. My parents are the only source from where I could learn or hear Punjabi. When I Used to visit my grandparents’ place every one used to speak Punjabi. I and my brother were only Hindi speaking people. In my hearts of hearts I Always wanted to learn Punjabi because as my roots are from Punjab I always wanted to be close to my actual mother tongue “PUNJABI”.  Now,  Punjabi songs were something I could not bear because they were beyond my understanding. But then as seasons change, my taste also changed. My taste changed because of my friends. I am in a college where most of the people are from Punjab and they are die hard fans of Punjabi songs. In 1st year of my graduation, I used to hear Hindi and English songs, but in second year all my friends were Punjabi and they Used to hear hardcore Punjabi songs. Before this I had never ever heard the names of punjabi singers like jassi gill, sharry mann, gippy grewal, hardy sandhu, etc. But now I love them more than Sunidhi Chauhan and shreya because they are much smarter than bollywood singers and actors. I fell in love with punjabi songs because the lyrics of mostly all punjabi songs which I hear have a deep meaning in them. You get to learn a lot from punjabi songs specially about the culture of punjab. I was born and brought in city, I have never seen or lived the life of a villager in punjab. But when I hear these songs and see their videos I get to know alot about the culture & traditions of punjab. So I love hearing Punjabi songs.


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  1. ajaysharda59 says:

    So true… punjabi songs carry their own flavour.


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Yeahhh.. They do.. Thankyou for reading.. 🙂 🙂


  2. ...shabab says:

    I love the Josh, Carelessness and ‘to-the-hell-with-day-to-day problems’ attitude in punjabi, generous mix of urdu makes the punjabi loveable all over the world.
    Fantastic post Naiyya.


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thanku Shabab.. That is y being a punjabi is too good.. 🙂


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