My world of Blogging

imageThe word blogging makes me high. It gives me some out of this world energy to write anything and everything which is stupid and weird. I began my first blog The Era of my Dreams when I was in twelfth class I posted the pics of some cards which I had prepared for my friend’s birthday. It was damn difficult for me to determine that what I should post on my blog. This blog was left to its fate.After that I started a law preparation blog because of which I got my first job which was much fun.
But then in December 2013 I was all alone because I had lost all my friends and the only ppl I had were my family I used to get bored, but then one day I wrote a story about how I spent my day and what I learnt from my surroundings. I don’t know if it was liked by people or not, but one thing which I know is that I felt really good after writing that post. And then I used to miss Bhaiya (my brother) a lot, so I wrote about the fun times with Bhaiya and the whole family. I had no friends, but then blogging became my best friend. My blog was on blogger, but I wanted to give a professional look to my blog so I shifted it on WordPress which was fun. In December 2013 an insect called photography had bitten which made me start a photography blog which I named naiyyas photography ( Photography and writing are my best friends. They are such friends who stay with me always and the best portion is they never make me feel alone!
The next footfall in my universe of blogging was that of getting my blog registered with Indiblogger. I came in contact with other bloggers and also I got to know much about blogging. I have my blogging friends whose blogs I visit and also they visit my blog and we share comments about each other’s blog.
I enjoy blogging very much and I don’t have any grounds for such a deep dark love for my blogs because they say true love has no reason. πŸ˜€


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