5 things to remember if you are thrown out of your place

If you are leaving your parent’s place or you are thrown out of the house of your parents remember one thing you need to work like a horse and live like a monk. So think hundred times before you take this step. Well! I will say thousand times because it would be one of the biggest decisions of your life.

1. Be strong- You are out of that cocoon of your parents in which you have lived for years together. Now you are yourself the judge of yourself and also you are the one who have to fulfill your dreams.You have to be strong enough to fight the world almost a warrior. so guys be strong!

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2. Find a job- If you are thrown out of your place you need to find a job. Be it call center, pizza delivery or whatever you need to earn so much so that you can fulfil your basic necessities of the month. Remember finding a descent job is not that easy and ones you find a job it isn’t easy to work because you have to work like a horse.

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3. Shelter- Obviously the thing which matters the most is to need to find a shelter. Best is to become a paying guest. It is mostly nominal and good. It would be better if you go for the one which provides food too.

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4. Having good friends- If you thing that you can survive alone yes you can but you need one or two friends who can stand with you when you need some moral support. If you don’t have one, you need to be a friend of yourself and give moral support to yourself.


5. Plan your expenditure- Now you won’t have your mom or dad at your disposal. you need to plan your expenditure.

images (4)All the best!


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