Spider Man 2

Peter Parker is so handsome when he is on screen you cannot get your eyes off him. Well the movie like all spider man movies is that the spider man is the hero but the little Spider man has to face too many villeins in the movie. But because he has the powers and also he is intelligent enough to use his powers well he is able to fight them all. The action in the movie is too good you will have fun when you see spider man fighting all of them.

images (6)

If action is good the emotional part of the movie is no less. Peter Parker yes our very spider man gets to know about his parents and also he finds his father’s secret laboratory which is too difficult to find for a common man. It is inside one of the old railway tracks and also it comes out from in between the railway tracks in form of a coach. Yes his father had set up his own laboratory which was inside a coach. He also gets to know why his parents had left him with his aunt.

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How can a story be complete if our spider man doesn’t falls in love. He has a confused and too complicated love story. He has a beautiful girlfriend. But sadly she dies in the end. Spider man faces the depression in his life but then he gets out of it when he hears the speech given by his lady love at her convocation. Out from his depression he is ready again to help the people and police of his city.

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Aww.. confused that you should watch it or not yeah you should because it is a movie full of actions and emotions. You must match this movie!



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