The Accidental Cricket Lover- Chalo Bulawa Aya Hai

IPL_2014Cricket for me has been India vs. Pakistan or India in the world cup final match. In IPL what I love the most is Kings XI Punjab, Sixes, and fours, Unpredictability of the game, Miller the killer and Pretty Zinta in no particular order. This time IPL is special because earlier Kings XI Punjab has always lost a hell number of matches but this time the team has players like Sehwag, Maxwell, Johnson and it has been on the top. Being a Punjabi how can I miss an IPL where Punjab is on the top that is what has made me interested in each and every match of IPL 7 because in the end “ CHALO BULAWA AYA HAI”. But to see Maxwell make 90 runs in 38 balls and to see pretty Zinta doing jumping Japhang on every sixer I had to give up on a lot of things. Yes! I had to miss 3 marriages, 2 birthdays and 1 get together. And how could I tell the hosts that I was missing all this for an IPL match because for them it was just a match. Apparently! I could not, so I had to come up with some good excuses. And I swear I was successful in reciting all 6 excuses to the hosts. Well! But they say you cannot fool all at all the times. And eventually I had to attend a marriage of my brothers best friend because She had warned me that if I didn’t she would kill me! And she being my brother’s best friend can actually do this and no one would say a word. So being afraid of her thrashings there came a day when I had to miss an IPL match. I was sad seriously because it was KKR vs. Rajasthan Royals I would like to mention that I have a silent yet very deep dark love for Rajasthan royals and Gautam Gambir. I had really prayed that Gautam Gambhir scores a century, but Rajasthan Royals should win the match. Yes, I had said so and guess what, it came out to be true. Yea! I am talking about that very match in which Shane Watson and Pravin Tambe took as many as 6 wickets and that is what made them win the match. During the marriage until I was getting updates of the match all thanks to and when I saw 6 wickets taken on the board I said a big wow and people sitting around me thought that it was because the bride had entered and she was looking awesome. She was but 6 wickets between 2 runs were commendable.So, all thanks to that by sitting in a marriage hall also they kept me updated with each and everything. One thing which I love about this website is the short videos they are too awesome because one gets to see the most important and breathtaking moments of the match. I have not only missed good food and parties but also have given up on my sleep because my exams are going on. I have never given exams by just sleeping for 4 little hours. But this time I had to because Watching IPL and studying for my exams was not that easy. I am a sleep lover who sleeps for around 12 hours in a day, but seriously, this IPL has made me face days in which I have slept for just 4 hours in the whole day, my love for Kings XI Punjab has made me do this. It is a treat to watch teams chasing above 200 and defending below 140. Between two runs game has changed. The game has changed upside down. A catch by KKR player made them win a match which they had assumed to have been lost. That is what the beauty of T20 is and that is what the fun element in IPL is. This post was first posted on 🙂


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