Ek Villan- Movie Review

First day, first show and in the end, but in the beginning of this post I would simply say WOW! The movie begins with sadness and ends by giving a message of forgiveness, happiness and a lesson of being helpful. Shradha plays the role of Ayesha and on the other hand Sidharth plays the role of Guru. Both…

Beat the heat- Go swim!

I am a graduate now and besides thinking what should I do next, I have also joined swimming. I have learned swimming earlier also but at that point of time I was a kid. Swimming is good, at least in this hot burning summer days, you get an hour of relief while standing in the…

Increase in Railway fare- A necessity

Modi Government has taken the decision of increasing the railway fares and the people of India have gone bananas just because they wanted the fare to reduce. What Indians want is that the fare should reduce while the Railways should develop, the stations should be modernized and also the trains and railway stations should not…

Is Ignoring Crime a Crime?

Whenever I hear about crimes like rape, kidnapping and murder, I always think that aren’t these people afraid of being imprisoned or being hanged. A few months back, I was sitting with a professor who teaches in a college in Chandigarh. He started telling a story about an officer who worked in a nearby district in a police station. The story was as follows.
A lady came with her two boys to the police station to take away the dead body of her husband. The lady was dressed so beautifully as if it was the best day of her life and the two sons of the dead man were also very happy and dressed in the best of their clothes. They had no sign of sadness on their faces. Though they were there to take away the dead body of the man of their house, but as if they were there to attend the marriage.


The word selfie got famous when the celebrities of bollywood, the President of America, the Prime Minister of Britain clicked their selfies and they got viral on the social networking sites. Earlier selfie didn’t attain so much of hype but after the oscar selfie which made twitter crash for around ten minutes altogether made it…

Purani jeans- Lesson’s Learnt and the review

Purani Jeans is a good movie if not an awesome movie. You can watch it at least ones if not twice. It is basically a story about five boys who are born and brought up in a place called Kasauli. They are childhood friends and they are able to workout their friendship till their youth….

10 things I learn’t from IPL

Indian Premier League 7 not only was a treat to watch but also it taught me various things about life. Yes! this IPL taught me various lessons. Some of them are.. 1. We should never give up

A letter to my dad

Since my childhood, I have been too close to you. I have heard this as mom has always told me about the bond we have shared from the day I was born. In my childhood you had to carry a heavy kid like me always because I was too lazy to walk. You had to…