10 things I learn’t from IPL

Indian Premier League 7 not only was a treat to watch but also it taught me various things about life. Yes! this IPL taught me various lessons. Some of them are..

1. We should never give up


2. Keep smiling like Bailey (Captain of King XI Punjab) does! They say it right that smile to humans is like a diamond to the crown.


3. Life is full of challenges so we should accept all the challenges and work our best to achieve them.


4. Even if you loose one bad day you should not give up.


5. The thing which seems to be impossible may be is possible so we should try our best.


6. Friendship makes a team strong.


7. Having fun besides work is the most important thing because life is boring without fun.


8. Being hyper and angry can do no good. The best example for this is the captain of RCB team Virat Kohli.


9. Life is unpredictable, so why to worry about the future. Just live in present and have fun!


10. The leader or captain of the team matters a lot. This was proven much by M.S Dhoni, George Bailey and the captain of the winning team Gautam Gambhir.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. lancequadras says:

    George Bailey’s speech at the end of final was the best i could have ever heard…
    Well written.


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Yeahh.. his smile is superb.. thanx for reading!


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