A letter to my dad

IMG_9430Since my childhood, I have been too close to you. I have heard this as mom has always told me about the bond we have shared from the day I was born. In my childhood you had to carry a heavy kid like me always because I was too lazy to walk. You had to leave your company and play with me at every function we used to attend. Sadly, I don’t remember much about my childhood, but yes, my photographs with you prove that I was my dadas  Gurl.

I remember the day I took my first step towards skating. You bought me the professional skates, the day my life changed forever and ever. I remember how you used to boost me up before every race, make up my mind that winning and losing is both part of life. I remember when we used to share strategies when I used to play roller hockey. And then one day when I needed the most costly wheels to win a race and dad that very day I had those wheels and the very next day I had won my first medal that was bronze. I remember those winning hugs, which were full of happiness and the loosing ones were those which told me to stand up as a strong woman.

Do you remember? When mom went against me and my love skating. How you used to stand up with me so that I could attend every skating camp and also attend my nationals. If I could be a strong, bold and an amazing women, it’s all because I knew you were standing beside me. I could play my game for so long just because you stood with me always.

And then came another big day in my life I wanted to do law. I remember how you opposed my decision and then you were the one who strongly stood with me. I couldn’t clear it for the first time, I was totally broken physically, mentally and socially. You did many things because of which I could stand up as someone as strong as no one could be. We planned the craziest of crazy plans together. And in my second attempt of the law, I was able to make it you were the happiest one. But then we had all of a sudden a new plan.

I am able to write today, just because I know and I am sure that there is one person in this whole world who reads my writings from the very first to the last word. How can I forget that you were the one who stood with me for buying my first camera, against all the odds I have one of the best cameras in the world. Thank you for praising each and every picture which I have clicked, for coming up with new ideas related to writing and photography. Thank you for being the very first subscriber of my blog!

I know I am not at all an easy kid to handle because I change plans before I could change clothes, but then also you stand with me against the whole family. If I could be a good friend to any person, it was just because you taught me to be one. I know my life is not like that of a normal girl. Till now my life has been full of pain and struggle, but then if I have been able to have fun while struggling is just because you tell me ways how to play easy on life.

So, on this father’s day I thought of writing this letter to you and just telling you that how much I love you my dad. Whatever may be the consequences in my life ahead, I promise you that I will stand up as a stronger woman than I was before. I promise I will make you proud some day. I love you tons dad!



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