Purani jeans- Lesson’s Learnt and the review

imagesPurani Jeans is a good movie if not an awesome movie. You can watch it at least ones if not twice. It is basically a story about five boys who are born and brought up in a place called Kasauli. They are childhood friends and they are able to workout their friendship till their youth. But then some misunderstandings arise and they all get separated and one of them commits suicide. It’s a movie which teaches us lessons about friendship, family and love. The lessons which I learnt are..

1. Friends are an important part of our lives and having good friends is sheer chance of luck!

2. Suicide is a very big decision should not be taken ever because there is at least one person in this whole world who loves you more than himself or herself.

3. If you and your best friend fall in love with same girl or guy sit down and try to work things out by talking to each other. Ending a very long friendship just for love is not at all a good idea because the guilty feeling will always be with you and your love.

4. Money can only buy things, having a good family and friends is the best thing and sadly money can’t buy them. So, we should value our friends and family.

5. Your youth should be full of happiness, joy and madness because they are the best memories which anyone can ever have.

6. If your parents love each other, you are lucky enough because being a child of separated or divorced parents makes one’s life full of sadness.



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