Is Ignoring Crime a Crime?

indexWhenever I hear about crimes like rape, kidnapping and murder, I always think that aren’t these people afraid of being imprisoned or being hanged. A few months back, I was sitting with a professor who teaches in a college in Chandigarh. He started telling a story about an officer who worked in a nearby district in a police station. The story was as follows.
A lady came with her two boys to the police station to take away the dead body of her husband. The lady was dressed so beautifully as if it was the best day of her life and the two sons of the dead man were also very happy and dressed in the best of their clothes. They had no sign of sadness on their faces. Though they were there to take away the dead body of the man of their house, but as if they were there to attend the marriage.

The professor asked the officer about the whole case. The officer told the professor that the dead man committed suicide. The professor was in serious doubts, he asked the officer that he wanted to know the whole story. The officer said that the man shot himself. Well! The professor asked that in which hand was he holding the gun, the officer opened the whole file related to the case and handed it over to the professor. The doubts of the professor were right because the gun was found to be held in the left hand, which to some extend proved that it wasn’t suicide because the man was a right handed man so obviously if he would have shot himself he would have held the gun in right hand.
When the professor discussed the whole thing with the officer. The officer then thought that it wasn’t suicide instead it was murder because his family earlier had filed various reports that the man used to drink a lot and created a nuisance. The officer said that now he couldn’t do anything because he had closed the files of the case and if he opened the case again the fingers would be pointed at him too.

Now the question is that how many officers do the same? Is this the reason that crime in India is increasing? Is ignoring a big problem?


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  1. lancequadras says:

    Ignoring is a big issue.. i agree..


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Yup I agree.. Thanx for reading.. 🙂


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