Increase in Railway fare- A necessity


Modi Government has taken the decision of increasing the railway fares and the people of India have gone bananas just because they wanted the fare to reduce. What Indians want is that the fare should reduce while the Railways should develop, the stations should be modernized and also the trains and railway stations should not be less than that of Japan or USA but they forget that for everything there is a price and they have to pay it. Now the question is how did Manmohan Singh and our very yet Italian Sonia Gandhi managed? Guys at that time also we were paying for the losses, though it was through Indirect taxes, but now we are paying it directly. Earlier though we were paying it indirectly ,then also there was no development, but now we are sure of development. The very common and obvious reasons are:-

Heavy losses- Railways were suffering a loss of Rs 900 crores every year. Obviously, if Railways were in loss it couldn’t be closed the government was picking up money from somewhere else and paying for it. Now the question is that from where did the govt. Take up this money? That was from our pockets obviously. The difference is today we are going to pay it directly and earlier, we were paying it indirectly in the form of taxes.

Oil price hike- Guys Don’t forget that ours Chuk Chuk Railway Engine doesn’t run on water it either needs Diesel or Electricity and being a user of both of these two products we know that their price has not reduced ever with time it has increased and with the Iraq problem knocking the door, the rates of crude oil are hard to reduce.

Development of Railways- We want that Indian Railways should be available even in the smallest of the smallest Village but for that we need money. New Railway lines can’t be laid for free. Money is a necessity for development and if Railways are not earning profits, How can we think of the word DEVELOPMENT OF RAILWAYS?

Safety Equipments- We all want that railways should be safe. SAFE has been just a four letter word, but to actually make it safe is not that easy. It needs to be safe from terrorists for which more guards and more technical equipments are required. Will you give Indian Railways a free guard or a free technical equipment which would increase safety of the Railways? Would you no, definitely you will ask for money and from where will the government brings this money? Obviously from the ones who use Railway facility. Another safety point is to make trains safe from being bombed, robbed, from being derailed or from being crashed into another train. For all this money is required Just making of policies is not enough.

Improving Railway Stations- We want that Railway stations should be improved, we want them to look like 5 star hotels but again for them we need money.

Fast Railways- When we look on the railway system in countries like that of Japan, U.S.A, Canada and China. We want that Indian railways should be like the Railways of these countries are!

Timely Railways- Indian Railways is famous for being late. We all want that it should run on time, but for that serious changes need to bring up in the system.

Changing of old tracks- Indian Railways is not at all a new concept, it was Britishers who brought Railways into India

Special Corridors- The govt plans to make Special corridors for Freight to increase connectivity for traders.

Electrification- Electricity is economical while diesel is not. But for electrification proper system needs to be constructed.

Automation of Manned Railway Crossing-Another very important development which Government has to work on is the automation of manned railway crossing.

Laying down of new tracks

Double laning

These all developments should have taken years before. We are decades and decades behind if these developments would have taken years before the benefit would have been that it would not have been this much costly.

Previous govt. Infrastructures deferred these infrastructure, development projects as they did not increase the fares as a populist measure and for vote bank. The railway consistently lost its freight share to other mode of transportation ,which again, mostly consumes diesel, which is imported. Also Railway cannot cope with the load of passenger traffic demand.

Due to inadequate infrastructure Railways is not able to move food grains from the surplus grain producing states to the user states with results which cause grains to spoil due to long storage even coal is not being moved to user states sometimes leading to shortage of production of Electricity, Even linkages to mines have not been developed leading to non development of such mines.

So, for a change we aspire to see and experience. we all have to pay for it. Join hands for your own country, for the betterment of your own BHARAT MATA. JAI HIND!





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  1. matheikal says:

    This is just the beginning of “necessities”. Soon petrol, diesel, cooking gas prices will be raised. Food will become scarce!


    1. Naiyyas says:

      That is because UPA created a vacuum for as long as 10 years!


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