Beat the heat- Go swim!

imagesI am a graduate now and besides thinking what should I do next, I have also joined swimming. I have learned swimming earlier also but at that point of time I was a kid. Swimming is good, at least in this hot burning summer days, you get an hour of relief while standing in the cold water. And also a sound sleep.

On my first day I entered the swimming pool registration area, got myself registered and then went to the changing room to dress myself up in my new swimsuit and also the new cap. It was cool. I entered the swimming pool since my timing is that of general, there were more of  the boys and I didn’t pay attention and in my own tuning I made myself comfortable in that eye popping atmosphere. I tried to remember what I had learnt in my childhood, but since I am not at all an intelligent chap I hardly remembered anything. And then came the most important character of this story the coach a slim and a strict guy. HE came to me and said Are you new? I said yes. He told me to take 10 rounds of the pool. While taking ten rounds I noted that there are two coaches one for adults and the other one for kids. The coach for the kids was damn fast I would say ,he was picking up the kids and throwing them in the pool, some kids were crying and others were afraid, but he gave no heed to anyone just throwing them and asking them to swim and come to the corner of the pool. The view was damn hilarious.My ten rounds were over and then he taught me how to breath and float. By the end of my first class I was able to swim a bit and that was amazing.

Next day, I was waiting for the clock to strike six so that I could go for swimming because unknowingly I was in love with it. And then again,I was in the pool with the strict coach standing on my head,  he asked me to swim, I did! Yeah, I did, yes yuhu! This was the kind of feeling that I was having. And then he told me how to do the hand movement made me practice it and then he asked me to come with him to the 12 feet side of the pool. I was dumbstruck because it was just my second day of learning swimming and he was asking me to jump in 12 feet deep water. I am 5’8 and the floor would be somewhere 6 feet below me. I was in aww.. But then I had to do it,I was the fourth person to jump. A little guy before me was too afraid he was being boosted up by his mother and the coach. He was being praised for his good swimming by his mother. I was thinking of nothing but just to take in a  deep breath and jump. And I had promised myself that I won’t do any drama, I wanted to just jump.

I then after all the four had done my turn came and without thinking anything I jumped seriously for those 3 seconds of jump I was at peace my brain was taking rest and my body was just about to beat the heat by being in the cold water. And yes! I was able to swim if not the whole breadth,but a part of it. It was fun damn fun. That feeling of being able to swim was damn amazing. loved it.

All thanks to the strict coach,he is too good and confident about everything. Positivity is what he has and what he spreads all around. The best part about my swimming pool is that no one uses a tube or a floater, everyone is  asked to actually swim. Even little kids swim in 12 feet deep water without any fear. I am loving my vacation and after the graduation confused period. Well! to those who don’t know swimming, go learn guys, it is seriously fun to jump into 12 feet deep water, when you know you have a coach standing on your head and will surely save you if you drown!


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