Ek Villan- Movie Review

downloadFirst day, first show and in the end, but in the beginning of this post I would simply say WOW! The movie begins with sadness and ends by giving a message of forgiveness, happiness and a lesson of being helpful. Shradha plays the role of Ayesha and on the other hand Sidharth plays the role of Guru. Both Shradha and Sidharth did justice to their roles. Shradha plays the role of a cute, happy and dreamy girl while Sidharth plays the role of an angry young man. On the other hand Rietesh Dekhmukh plays the role of Rakesh who has a very negative role and a terrifying role in the movie. He is the one who is the killer in the movie. His role actually defines the frustration which a middle class man has to go through all his life. Shaad Randhawa, the one who played the role of Personal assistant to Aditya Kapoor in Ashiqui 2, plays the role of an inspector in Ek Villan, his looks were a cherry to the role he played.

In the whole movie the thing which you will enjoy the most is the acting of Shradha Kapoor, her smile would lighten up your day and life. She is like a little yet cute tiara. When she is on screen you will not even blink your eyes I can bet you on that. She has done so much justice to her role in the movie that all others are a bit low in front of her. Her smile, her dialogues, her looks, her dressing sense all things are just amazing!


Sidharth who is an angry young man, changes to be a nice person ones he meets Shradha. The romance is just too awesome. The way they fall in love is superb and the way they change each others life is another good thing about the movie. In the very beginning Shradha dies and then the movie plays a flip flop game by going in flashbacks and then coming back to present.

The places where the movie has been shot are mind blowing. You actually feel like visiting those places. The sunset, sunrise, nature, greenery and the long roads are the very essence of the movie. Though the movie is full of action, but then also you will enjoy it when Sidharth beats people with just one hand. His body is praiseworthy and the heavy voice is like a diamond to the crown.

Now the very question you have it that should you go and watch this movie. Yes Yes Yes gooo it’s worth watching. It is a full PAISA VASOOL MOVIE 🙂


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Savio says:

    nice review


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thankyou Savio 🙂


  2. Waleeja says:

    Awesome review i loved the movie and i hope those to make another movie togeter 😀


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Yeah Waleeja.. I am too in love with Shradha and Sidharth.. Thanx for dropping in and loving the review..


  3. Varun Singh says:

    There are certain topics in which serious altercation can happen cause of different perception. Movies is one among them. 😛
    Anyway, I do agree to your point but to a certain level.
    However, nicely penned down. 🙂


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