Am I allowed to Dream?

download (1)In these 21 years of my life I have noticed many things and one of the things which I have seen, noticed and experienced is that related to “DREAM”. You are not allowed to Dream something different, something out of this world. You are a good kid if you dream about IIT’s and IIM’s or some very reputed institutes. But if you dream of something really different you are deemed to be a Crazy, dumb and good for nothing chap. You are allowed to dream of only those things after which you can earn bundles of money and if your dream is just a “Middle Class Dream” you are categorized as a poor kid. If a person dreams of being into something Creative which is not sure of turning out to be a money machine you are counselled by hundreds of people to change your mind. And if you don’t they will put a stamp on you are stubborn.

If you are about to enter eleventh people will give you all the choices that you want to take up MADical, Non MADical or Commerce. Well! Arts is a subject for dumb kids and thankfully they don’t categorize you in the lists of Dumb Kids. If the child picks up a good option Great! But if you want to be different then many question would follow their way.

If the kids’ parents are with him or her. The relatives and friends would not be at all afraid to call the parents stupid. People would often say that the child of those parents is not good because he or she doesn’t listen to the parents. That is what they say, but the real reason is that the kid dared to dream in this selfish world.

The real question which has haunted my mind every now and then is that Can we dare to dream?

According to me Yes! We should dream of something different  in this world and we should achieve our goals.


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  1. Alok Vats says:

    Lol, this is the reality of Indian families Naiyya, but don’t worry time is changing now. Now we have the fathers like me 🙂 I hope I will allow my daughter to dream whatever she want to and will also help her to accomplish them…. But then who knows…


    1. Naiyyas says:

      I have seen in majority of families.. Well! having said that my family is completely different and I am thankful to my dad who has stood with me.. I hope you are able to stand with your daughter too. All the best and thanx for reading.. 🙂


  2. Kamal Kumar says:

    Its reality, but now we should change our mind about the daughters. We should not forget their values. A lady is the mother of mankind. One should respect girls and give the rights to have a DREAM…


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