Amateur Photographer

IMG_9413CSC_0026My first camera was that which consisted of a roll and it had no focus just everything fixed and you had to take a shot. Actually, it wasn’t mine, it was my dad’s first anniversary gift from mom, but as I grew I loved clicking pictures through that Camera. Sadly and happily in mixed feelings, my dad would get hold of print outs like that of only flowers or mountains. Since 1 roll would consist of just 100 shots, wasting those shots by clicking pictures of only the flowers and some mountains was not at all viable unless and until some family member was made to stand beside it.

As technology upgraded many cameras came up and then how could my dad leave me behind he bought me an autofocus Fujifilm camera which was good enough for practice. I had done a lot of photography with that Camera. It was fun. I had clicked a hell number of pictures with that Camera on my Haridwar and Nanital trip which was amazing. It was a really nice camera.

And then finally the day came 28th December 2013 when I demanded that I want a DSLR and my dad was excited, he had taken out around hundreds of printouts, collected a hell number of brochures and studied every bit about the DSLR’s. He knew anything and everything about a Camera. I called up my brother in Canada to check out DSLR in his city. Now the family decided that Nikon is the company which would join the family and then just a few hours before the New Year I had my DSLR Nikon D5200 with me.

Gradually my camera became my friend. I go with it to streets, lakes, walk and where ever I think I can click good shots. I cannot afford to leave my Camera alone, sometimes when I hear cases of theft in my city, I make it a point to sleep with my camera with me. And if I carry it with me to college or any other place I carry it along to every place. I love my Camera, I cannot afford to lose my love. It’s something which reminds how much my dad loves me and also my dream is his, if my dream is fulfilled, the sparkle of success would glitter in his eyes!


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  1. Tushar says:

    I am an amateur photographer using Sony digital camera since day one. I have learnt – the more you click photographs the more you learn.
    I do not know the technicalities of a camera and still I think I click good photos.
    As per your post you are a passionate photographer no doubt. Best Wishes!!


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thankyou Tushar. Photography & writing for me are like medicines for me, they are like as if I am meditating. They give peace to my soul. All the best to you and thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂


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