NGO Recruitment- Being a MADster!

10623963_10153163308379896_1453652599912195918_oJoining an NGO was a “BACHPAN KI DREAM” type of a thing for me. To fulfill this dream of mine, I registered with MAD (Make A Difference) an NGO well established in Chandigarh and all over India. I got a message and a mail that the first round includes a telephonic conversation and  I was damn nervous, but when the MAD fellow named Neelima Raheja called me up things changed. She had the power to shoot the nervousness I was in. The telephonic interview was fun and in between all this fun, I got selected in the second round which consisted of an introduction to MAD and the interview.

It was on 17th August 2014 at 9:30 but I reached the place at 9:00 because I mistakenly read it to be at nine. I wanted to run away not because they said something wrong, but because I was so nervous to face anyone. But then I had to so I counseled myself for about 20 minutes and guess what I proved to be a successful counselor for myself because I went in for all the rounds. I entered the venue, got myself registered and then I sat down where everyone else was seated. All the people there were too friendly. The presentation was amazing, but the best part was the smile on the faces of the MAD fellows. It was so natural, so consistent and so very beautiful.

After the presentation about MAD we were allotted groups and we had a moot discussion in which we were given a story and we had to decide that whether the person guilty or not? My group was good but in the beginning, I was not able to speak a word, but then one guy who was a judge pointed out at me and asked me to speak and then the group discussion went very well. I spoke about relevant facts and principles. We arrived at a consensus that the man in the story is guilty. After the moot results were announced and to my amazement, I was selected for the second round which consisted of a task and an interview.

We were given a break of one hour during which we had to prepare our task and also have our lunch. I didn’t have lunch because I was thinking about the interview and also preparing for the task. One hour got over and they started calling in candidates for the task and interview. At this point of time, I was not at all afraid instead I wanted it to happen.

As I wanted it, so it happened my name was called out. I went in, the girl who took my interview was very nice and friendly. If every interview had been as comfortable and friendly as this one was, life would have been amazing. I was able to answer all the questions well and also the task went amazing. The interview and the task were mind blowing. I was too hungry after this and I drove back home so that I could eat something good.

And then came the most difficult days those were when I had to wait for the result. And then finally, after about two days at around 11:00 pm a mail came which declared that I was selected. And I was so happy that I couldn’t sleep that night out of happiness. That is how I became a MAdster.

My review after completing my internship with MAD

I have interned with five other NGO’s till date and I just wanted to review about working with Make a Difference. Let me begin with the best things about working with MAD

1. Confidence- Since you have to present activities to the kids, you tend to attain a lot of confidence and that stays with you for life.

2. Presentation- Since you have to submit a lot of things to the fellows, you get to know how to make presentations, Also, you tend to grow a lot when you work on these presentations.

3. Good friends- There are a number of volunteers who work alongside and therefore, you end up having friends for a lifetime.

4. Grow as a person

5. The kids treat you like an angel from heaven


1. Costly- Yes, the meetings take place at Restaurants and Hotels. So, you tend to spend a lot on travel and food. Yes, you end up being obese and penniless at times.

2. Formality- I have done so many interns after working with MAD and no NGO was that formal, I think things get difficult when you have to work in a formal scenario.

3. Not all volunteers work and if you are the one who works, the fellow would burden you with almost everything- In all the other NGO’s all the volunteers mostly worked equally and also, the fellow or the heads were way more friendly.

That is my experience and I still love the time wherein I worked with Make a Difference because I was able to grow as a person.


I #MakeADifference , Do you?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Gaurab says:

    Congrats and hope you do some great work for the society. 🙂


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thank you Gaurab 🙂


  2. This is awesome. Way to go Nikita 😀


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thanks a ton Sakshi 😀
      I am so damn excited!


  3. prajina thakur says:

    this is awesome Nikita!! all the very best ! and as we always say, stay MAD 😀


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thank you Prajina.. 🙂


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