The Problem with the Current Education System in the World

index“EDUCATION” This nine letter word is of great importance and it should be of great importance in everyone’s life. But sadly, a lot of people don’t even get to know the meaning of this long word because they don’t get to experience it. Most of us are lucky that we were able to study, set up goals, see dreams and work hard to achieve them. Yes, around 72 million children of Primary education,age are not in school and 759 million adults are illiterate. So, consider yourself to be blessed because you have experienced the word Education since you are able to read this blog post.

Education is important for not only getting a job, but also because it makes a person well versed with the rights he/she possesses. Education  is not only important for an individual, but also it leads to the development of the society in one way or the other. It benefits the society, both socially and economically. All in all it supports the society as it prevents wrongful activities to some extend. We can say that the importance of this word cannot be defined through words.

Well! If I say that even those who are educated are not educated in the best of the way then? You will assume or declare me to be MAD- Ohkay! But guys this is true because there are many problems with the current education system. Now you will say that in India there is problem in everything and Education is no exception. So, my dear Indian Criticizers this problem is faced by the ppl of almost all parts of the world.

The current education system is not at all perfect, instead it is not even close to perfect. The education system is suffering a lot all over the world and not only in the developing or underdeveloped countries, but also in the developed countries to some extend. There are many reasons or many problems which the current education system is facing. They are  :-


Education Institutions have become money making machines

Education institutions can be equalized to a temple, a church and a mosque. In olden times they were but now sadly they are more of profit making institutions. We cannot expect a profit making institution to do some good for the education system of any country.

 Ignorance to skill and aptitude-

The kids should be treated as seeds and the teacher as a gardener. What I mean to say is that main aim should be to bring out the potential which is already present in the souls of the kids or maybe the things which amuse the kids much. But what actually takes place is hidden from no one of us. A planned or sometimes even unplanned syllabus is picked and the kids are asked to learn each and every aspect of that very syllabus So,that they can score good marks. A kid who scores good marks is given the status of being intelligent. Importance should be given to the potential, creativity and the interest of the child, but marks are given importance. Instead of growing a plant, the teacher and the education system crushes that plant. Sad Na? But this is the truth.

Expensive Education System

Education is so expensive that many students from the economically weaker sections of the society are not able to afford the expense and thus they are not able to attain education though they are intelligent and deserving ones.

No importance is given to creativity

There is less emphasis on research activities and knowledge orientation. The system doesn’t inspire children to go beyond what is set to be the limits. What the students learn is routine and regular. Students are forced to do lots of routine work just to get marks. Students are not encouraged to take the activities of their interest.


No Focus on Learning

There is too much stress on getting marks and this encourages children to mug up & pass exams rather than learning concepts. Institutions are giving more stress on completing syllabus and help the students to pass the exam instead of building their character and enhancing their personalities.

The Education system is not Job Oriented

In many developing countries one of the major problems is that the education system is not at all job oriented. People are educated, but they don’t have jobs. Yes! It has led to unemployment.

Corrupted Education system

Yes! Even the education system is corrupted. Paper leaks, Duplicate Degrees and Fake Certificates are some of the examples.

Theory based Education is imparted

By saying this I don’t want to say that theory based knowledge is useless, but what is important is that practical knowledge is more important which is not provided to the students.

So meaning thereby Yes! The education system has many flaws all over the world. The governments of all the countries need to work hard to improve the education systems in their country. The countries can also join hands to get away with the problems that education system is facing. But education needs to be improved because “Padhegi Duniya Tabhi to Badhegi Duniya”

P.S This blog post is an activity for PR Intern at MAD (Make A difference)


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