A step closer, A part of MAD!

indexToday was the induction training and orientation program for all the newly recruited Madsters since I am a new Madster I was also a part of it. Firstly, thank you to all my fellow bloggers and followers who have been sending me these mails to write more about my experience with life and also with the NGO. So, this blog post is dedicated to all the fellow Madsters and to all the mails which have filled up my mailbox for almost a week now.

Induction training was another sneak peek into the projects of MAD. A brief introduction about all the projects followed by an interaction among all of us. The best part was the punishment for late comers which was sort of an entertainment for all those who turned up on time. We all were given a puzzle which was damn confusing, but it was an activity filled with lessons. The main aim of our heads was to inculcate in all of us values, morals, ethics and some life long lessons. The leads of all the projects are so damn good that you actually feel happy being part of them and the MAD family. The best part they are damn friendly and you will surely fall in love with each one of them.

After the induction, I had an orientation program at Gur Asra which is a shelter home for girls. Well before I tell about my experience I would like to commemorate that I and all my teammates had lunch at HM which was an amazing lunch in itself. Moving on, this shelter home is in the premises of a Gurudwara and these girls are brought up in pure Punjabi Sikh culture. The minute I entered the premises of the shelter home Yes! I saw a million dollar smile on their faces. I actually thought that we don’t know how to smile Being a Punjabi I could feel the fragrance of punjabiness which was in them. . They all spoke Punjabi or Hindi and they were too friendly with my whole team. They had it in them, the spirit of being something, but it was hidden. These girls are really good artists. I am blessed that I am part of MAD, part of something which believes in giving.

Well! What I learn’t was being happy, keep smiling, be friendly, share things, Keep calm and discover the hidden treasures in them!


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