The Election Fever- Craziness Personified!

indexThe student elections are something with which every student of Panjab University is obsessed. It’s like a festival which is celebrated every year with the same zeal. The university is painted with the posters of the various parties. There are tents for every party and there are ppl who have not slept for almost a month because of the so called Student Elections. To win is their aim and to have the power in their hands is what they want to be their destiny.

The law department outshines all other departments on the day of the elections. The gray colored floor is no more visible it is covered with posters of all the parties. For a week the floors change their color to blue, orange, red, white and various others. The fragrance of paper and fresh colors haunt the department.

There are ppl who would come to you asking you to vote for them or their party. They will tell you their names and the codes. Till the time you cross the corridor of the department you hear almost thirty names and around 10 different codes. And to your amazement you won’t even remember one of them.

The post elections preparations are no less. Yes! Campaigning takes place with some parties telling about all the lies whereas some coming up with the truth all over again. The students act as the judges of the destiny of these young student leaders.

But the real question which haunts my mind is that the litter, the amount of money wasted and also how dirty the university goes just because of these elections. Don’t you think that students should stand against these organizations for making the university so dirty? They should protest so that from next time whenever Elections take place it is cleanliness which haunts the University not the litter!

P.S I have shared some photographs to prove my point 🙂

And Yes! What do you think about it? Do share 🙂

IMAG0032IMAG0024  IMAG0021 IMAG0014


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