Backathon- Backstab Illiteracy!

10513346_342534069249464_389384079034980624_nMAD(Make A Difference) organizes Backthon in almost all the cities where it has its chapter. It takes place on International Literacy Day (8th September). It is a walk to lighten up the lamp of literacy all over the world.

Backathon was organized in my city beautiful too, and I was a part of it. Wearing black T-shirts and blue jeans with the bands of “Make A Difference” on our wrists and with the stamp of it “Starts with us” we all madsters and some volunteers who joined us to be part of this back walk stood at Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh. It was a moment of pride not just because I was part of this walk, but also I was contributing a bit to push back illiteracy and move forward literacy. It was a moment, which was full of fun and contentment.

We started our back walk with claps and with the slogan “We choose to be MAD” and “Push Illiteracy back”. I swear when I shouted I choose to be MAD it brought some different kind of enthusiasm that I could do anything at that point of time because I was a madster. People don’t want to be MAD but actually all the fun of life lies in being MAD.

People were staring at us out of amazement. Because we were blaring at the top of our voices, but it was fun. Everything was planned the walk, the steps, the banners and that is the reason it was super fun.

This is something which you can enjoy only if you are a MADster.I am glad that I am one.

P.S I am adding some pictures from the backathon and the credits for all the amazing clicks goes to The PR Team (Shubham & Jaskirat).










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