My first presentation!

indexSomething I have been waiting for from last 4 years was to wear white T-shirt, black trousers and to stand in front of any crowd as a law student. This first was something I had waited for but, I was nervous, my heart was banging (the dhak Dhaka could be felt). I didn’t sleep at night before because of the preparations and the nervousness. Well! However, I took this first presentation seriously, I had planned everything to my level best. I got up early in the morning because I couldn’t sleep out of fear of what would happen at the time of presentation? I seriously felt that something would hold my voice from coming out.

In the morning I got ready dressed up and sat with my mom, she was boosting me up for the first presentation. I reached my college early Well! I really don’t know that I did this out of excitement or fear. I sat down on a bench and just gave a reading to what I was about to speak. After that the professor came in and I was not able to concentrate on the lecture. So, I opted for recording the lecture instead. I was boosting myself that things would go right because I assumed that at the least I will get a zero, but I will speak because I have to even if I get a zero for that matter.

The lecture got over and she started calling the names of the students who had their presentation and finally my turn came. Nothing came to my mind and went to the stand  and  started speaking, my eyes didn’t focus on any person I saw up and would see the wall because there are people in my class who smile for no good a reason. So, I decided to rely on the white yet cracked wall.

Though I couldn’t answer all the questions, but in the end of the presentation I was contended and satisfied with my performance.

From all this I learnt There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.


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  1. Haha initially even I was like this. But I used to look at the corners of the classroom, so that i can show as if I am looking at everyone. I even choose two or three people from my class who are always sleeping or serious so that I do not laught 😛


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Yeah Bhumi this happens but now I am gaining pace and confidence 😀
      Thankyou for visiting my blog.. 🙂


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