The crisis within- Kills!

Screenshot_2014-10-04-11-52-26_1When we are sad for no good a reason that sadness with the passage of time catches on your nerves leading to aggravation and anger. Firstly, how can we detect it out that why the hell is the person inside us sad? When you come up with the solution of hunting the problem and then you get to know the problem is such which has no solution except one not letting the problem get on your nerves. You scream, you are dumb, you are angry, but you have to smile because the queries from the world are unanswerable. On the contrary, if you talk a great deal in your normal days during such sad days you tend to be dumb. Hence, the chatter batter needs to stay even if you are sad again because your head is scared of the worldly questions. The situation is such that your soul is crying, but you have no one to share because you know in the end those problems have no solution at all. The silence and the crisis within kills!!


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