Haider movie- The whole story

Haider_PosterIt’s a long movie but yes its heart touching and too sentimental to deal with. If such things happen in Kashmir I feel sorrowful for those who live there and I thank god for I was born in Chandigarh. The story begins with a doctor helping the terrorists to survive when one of the terrorists  is ill and the doc gets caught while doing so, between all this he is taken away by the army to the secret camps where he is imprisoned, bullied, tortured, so much so that he is not more than a dead body. The foremost question which comes up is why did he help them? May be he prioritized his duty as a physician to save every patient’s life and he gave out his responsibilities towards his homeland. That is somewhat wrong according to me the Doctor should not have assisted the terrorists. But he had to pay heavily, he saw his house turn to ashes and had to leave his wife and kid all alone.

The child of the Doctor whose name is Haider didn’t reside with the parents because in his teenage he was about to get involved with the militants and was caught red handed by his mother. His mother decided to send him to Aligarh for his further studies. When he comes back after a long time he finds that his father is in some secret camp, his house is mere black coloured building just like a broken tunnel. When he goes to meet his mother, he doubts that his mother has an affair with his uncle.

The doctor knew that his brother was involved in hatching all the stories of his helping the terrorists to the militants. He also assumed that his wife was involved with his brother. He shared this story with his co prisoner Roohdar and told him that when he gets out of the secret camp, he should deliver a message to his son that is Haider that he should kill his uncle and should leave his mother’s sins for the courts of that almighty.

Roohdar (Co prisoner of the doctor) proving to be a true friend manages to give the message of the father to his son. Since Haider already doubted that his uncle had an affair with his mother, he believed the same thing. Roohdar also tells him that his father is no more and the only reason is that his uncle wanted him to be dead so that he could wed the love of his life, Haider’s mother.

The story of his uncle and mother involved in getting his father killed was easy to believe because ones he told everyone that his father was dead, his uncle decided to wed his brother’s wife, that is Haider’s mother the very following day.

Only, in the end it was established that the mother was not involved in the killing. The uncle was the one who wanted to kill his brother just because he wanted to marry his brother’s wife.
In the end, I can say one sided love can be deadly!

Go ahead ppl watch it at least ones if you love watching movies which tell you about the current situation of Kashmir.


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  1. Tushar says:

    I saw the movie ‘Haider’ at Piccadily Square, Chandigarh. I like the movie hall as it is spacious and great amount of sunlight is there at the lobby.
    Re.: movie
    I like the movie. Few drops of water from eyes was there while watching the movie.


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Oh Great Tushar! Yeah the movie is emotional and Shahid Kapoor’s acting is praise worthy.
      Thankyou for visiting my blog 🙂


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