I have a degree, I am educated!




In India Education is more of having a degree and less of personal growth. You can easily find a Doctor, lawyer, Engineer, an MBA and various other degree holders with thoughts which are worse than that of illiterates. I recall meeting a Medical student who was entirely okay with the idea of slapping his wife. Suppose when a young woman and his family would select him, they would take him on the ground of his education, but sadly he is educated just for the namesake, he is not schooled in terms of ethics, values, moral philosophy and self development.
In my opinion education is not barely a degree it is lots more and it commenced with the objective of providing ethics, morals, teaching customs and providing self development but with the passing of time and with something called materialism hitting our heads things changed drastically because now we want everyone to be career oriented or money oriented we have set aside the actual aim of education.

For me an educated person is surely not the one with a degree instead a person who respects others, who stands for another, who causes the potential to stand against the wrong, who is full of moral values, the one who is well versed with the word ethics.

We live in a world of educated illiterates who are worst than illiterates. A person who is educated and behaves like illiterate is more dangerous for our society than a person who is not at all educated.

Can we think of the reasons? Because this is a very big problem that we are facing. I believe the education system should be changed a bit and the importance of morals should be brought up. Also, the parents need to change their opinions.



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