Learn to say “NO”

imagesOne thing my grad school has taught me is to say “No”. I never used to read this word in the first place because I believed it would hurt people, but I felt afterwards that in the end I was hurting myself. Saying no to anything which you don’t want to do or what you think is lame and not worth of it. Why not say a No and end the story instead of letting people use you and afterwards when you sit all alone and talk to yourself you feel that so and so person used me. It can be as small as sharing your assignment with a very far off friend or a dear friend and you yourself scoring less because the professor recalled that you were the one who copied stuff. It can also be paying the bills of your buddies for no good a reason. Giving lift to people who think that car runs on water instead of petrol. Guys learn to say NO, instead of getting used!


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  1. Yes, I agree. It’s very important to say NO when we feel it requires the most. However I believe, we should give a bit reasoning.


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Yeah! Reason is necessary Vishal but not always, sometimes!


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