I am hungry but, I want to be a literate

indexIndia is a developing country and like all other developing countries of the world, it is also facing problems like that of illiteracy, poverty, hunger and unemployment. The main reason behind illiteracy and hunger is poverty. A child who belongs to a poor family cannot think of education because his stomach is empty, his family has a very mirage income and so for the betterment of the family, he takes up something through which he can at least earn something for his family and himself. Even if the child wants to study and become something he or she cannot because in the end what matters is at least one meal a day to fill their skeleton like stomach. I remember, ones I had a small chat with a little young boy who used to polish shoes, I asked him would he like to study he said yes I said why don’t you join a nearby evening school, he said he cannot as he won’t be able to collect enough money every day for his meals. I was so sad to hear this. But, what if food is provided in the schools itself? Yes, I am talking about something called mid day meals or maybe all day meals or eliminating classroom hunger.

One thing which pops in my head is that how we can eliminate classroom hunger. I guess it’s not that hard, even if difficult it is not at all inconceivable. NGO’s and government should join hands in this common cause. In India the major problem is that even though the government is providing food to the kids at school, the food is either not available and if available is not hygienic. Imagine a cockroach and a lizard been found in the food- if the kids are poor it doesn’t mean that they can be served anything. The solution to this problem is that there should be a proper check on the preparation of the food. Also, the government can take help of various NGO’s or higher level officers in keeping a check in various schools in a city. The level of education should be increased in a government school. There should be no disparity in the quality of education being given to a kid in private school and a government school. Providing meals to the kid should be made compulsory in at least all the government schools. Another thing which the schools can do is that they can teach the kids some handmade craft which can be sold in the market so that the child not only eats and get a quality education but also earns for his family.

When I imagine an India with only literate people and with no one going to bed empty stomach, I get tears of happiness.

P.S- This Blog post is for Blog to feed a child.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


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  1. ...shabab says:

    Its good to know you are going to feed a child. As you wrote about mid day meal, it is a scheme congress govt started to feed the children, the fund govt spends come from our pockets i.e. 0.02% of service tax as educational cess. But we didn’t have, nor do we have as of now a foolproof distribution system. At the end of the day the mid day meal either rests in peace in a godown or it is sold at lowest rates. Even I know teachers and principals who distribute alloted rations among themselves and a little money ‘in cash’ is given to child’s parents. And heck! What we think is just opposite of fact. Midday is for govt servents and they eat it with an evil smile on their face when they found a common man is staring at them, unbelieveably!! ‘how a man having a pay scale of 35K Per month can steal a child’s meal?’ It is happening. And it will keep happening.


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Hey Shabab..
      I know it’s sad that this is happening in our country and people do not feel guilty for doing such things.
      Thanks for dropping in after so long and likewise I hope you also take part in this action!


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