My dream home.



I think girls are fond of a great deal of things and one of them is renovating and decorating their home. I am also fond of renovating my home. And today Indiblogger and Porcelanosa have given me an opportunity to blog about a dream room and a dream bathroom that I would enjoy to have someday in my spirit. Hence here I set out composing my inaugural blog post where I will be daydreaming of the time I compose. My dream bathroom would have all these things.

Natural Stone- I am tired of the commonest colored tiles in my bathroom or else I would like to go for natural rock which looks awesome and also causes you feel somewhat close to nature. It’s something really different too. In particular, I would like to go for the Slate type of natural stone because I love the dark color.

Bath Tub- Bathing is something I love and if you have a good bathtub who won’t. I would enjoy to receive a minimal bath tub which is square shaped, the pattern I love. Besides, I enjoy reading books and listening music while enjoying bathing in the tub.

Bath Furniture- For good baths, having beautiful furniture in one bathroom is really really significant. I would like to go for Zen Crema Italia Bioprot Warm because since I want to have natural stone in my room and this is what suits that stone the most.

Rain shower- When in a hurry for going to work, the tub is not the right option to take a bath. I would like to go for Essence-C because weekdays should be celebrated by bathing under a good rain shower.

Bathroom accessories- Something very important in one bathroom is the accessories. I would like to go for Modul K because its something different and eye catching.

Shower Tray- I cannot afford to leave my bathroom dirty and shabby. So, I would like to go for a good shower tray and I choose Essence Crema Nilo Bioprot 120 x 80 x 5cm because it is what I think would go along the other things which I have chosen for my dream bathroom.


And I think my room needs just these additions and no other thing is needed.


Natural wood- I am a nature lover and having wooden floor in my room is what I have always dreamt off. I would like to go for Classic Ebano Luxor 39 x 39 x 1,3 cm

Wardrobe & Dressing room- The wardrobe department is overly confusing, I want all of them. It’s so good when it comes to capacity.I would like to go for Natura Roble Blanco Cal / Lino Habana Textil / Roble Nature because of the looks and the capacity.

Wall tiles- Since i am going for a darl coloured wooden floor in my room, I would like to go for a bit light coloured tiles when it comes to walls that is the reason I would choose Estocolmo Natural 22 x 90 cm / 14,3 x 90 cm.

And that is what my dream home would surely have and if you want to have them do visit

P.S- This blog post is for My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa & Indiblogger.


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