In a hurry.

rickshawWhen examinations are on my head, I am like a drunken person because I become high over too many doses of reading; my mind has to endure a great deal of affairs which he usually doesn’t have to. Barely two days were left for my exam and I desired to finish a topic because one of my acquaintances said that it was a very important topic though it didn’t occur in my exam that is one good thing which happened to me.

My laptop charger was not working, so my dad asked if I could go along with him to buy a new one. I hopped and went along because I thought it will just take an hour or so but my dad had other plans also like buying fruits and various other things and it took a lot of time.

After we were able to find a charger for the laptop we proceeded towards the fruit market. Dad went to buy fruits while I was sitting in the car. My dad has great love for fruits that is the reason  he was taking long to buy them but I was in a hurry as I had to study. So, I went out of the car and told him to buy the things quickly but in all the hurry, I forgot that the car key was left in the car and I had locked the car. My dad was standing there smiling and I had mixed emotions which consisted of guilt and sadness. On the other hand mom was waiting for us because she had to leave for some work.

We had no options except walking down back home and fetch the other key of the car. We were about 2 kms away from our place, but I was afraid of walking because I knew that I will get tired and I won’t be able to study. Dad suggested me to take a rickshaw and I took a rickshaw while dad said that he will prefer walking.

For those 10 minutes of my journey on that rickshaw I thought that how careless I am but then the rickshaw puller told me that he really needed 10 Rs for that days earning to get complete because someone was ill at his place. I was overwhelmed and was full of emotions.

I felt like I was a messenger for him and I was glad that I am a careless child.


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  1. Tushar says:

    While reading it was like I am in hurry to read or maybe it is so nicely written that a reader also find himself in hurry. And when I read last two paragraphs I was emotional/senti. The post written is the winner and so is the writer. Cheers!!


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thank you Tushar. Even I got emotional when the rickshaw puller told me his story. 🙂


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