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10407095_1504447079813428_540713822248111376_nWe in India face a lot of problems at every step and the main reason is either corruption or the unending population of our country, but what if we have a platform for speaking up all the wrongs which are happening around us, a wrong is a wrong and now we have a chance to speak up because Strepsils has started a campaign #AbMontuBolega. Yes! And Montu k sath ab hum Sab bolenge.

I live in a city which is known as City beautiful, yes I live in Chandigarh which was planned by the French people and is said to be the only planned city of India. Thanks to the French people who made such a city, but the sadness about it is the cleanliness part. The cleanliness worker either is constantly having fun smoking and having chai at the nearby tea stall or is enjoying a day away.

The regime has got beautiful parks, but who would conserve the beauty of these parks, the people? Yeah, we do, but we can just help by not littering our surroundings, but what about the nature waste- the leaves of the trees, sand and silt?

The manhole is wide open so that a small kid can have a good time swimming in it or he may die for his fate was not in his favour. The manhole is so big nowadays that even an adult would fall into it, we have lodged a charge with the MC so many times, but the workers come, check and tell us that we will do the work some other day to traverse the whole.

The open grounds can be shaped to appear more beautiful if the proper grass is grown in all such places and also this would reduce dirt at other positions because such open grounds are one major ground for dirt and silt at other stations.

I sometimes imagine if Chandigarh is said to be one of the cleanest cities in India, I seriously feel sorry for those who are living in other cities because Chandigarh is not truly a completely clean city.

The police of Chandigarh is no less when it comes to corruption. Yes! We are afraid of Chandigarh police, which has its quote as “We care for you” but they really don’t care for us what they care for is their pockets. Sometimes or many of the times they will stop you, check your documents, try hard to find, out some fault and if not they may simply ask you for some bribe or they will just chalan you for anything.

Not only government organizations, but we the citizens of this country also need to change. We should not throw things anywhere; we can carry them along and throw it where ever we find proper dustbins. Can we stop peeing in the open? Yes, we can. Can we make sure that we don’t spit? Can we make sure that we maintain our surroundings clean to the extend we can without the assistance of our government? Can we make sure that we don’t involve ourselves in any type of corruption? Can we start loving our country?

This post is written for #AbMontuBolega. An initiative by Indiblogger & Strepsils, to know more about this campaign visit
Website- http://www.abmontubolega.com/
Twitter- https://twitter.com/StrepsilsIndia
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/StrepsilsIndia


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  1. Tushar says:

    Just few days back I returned from Chandigarh. I have to say I love driving motorbike in Chandigarh specially because of wide roads. And regarding cleanliness I find one the best neat and clean city. Traffic police always busy and people mostly stopping their vehicle before the red light which is very good. Trees on both sides of roads with big big parks around. Less traffic in-comparison to other cities. City is planned that everybody knows. I like Chandigarh city but as you are local from Chandigarh you know better..but it is also true number of cars increased a lot. Mostly every family is having a car – they say. Am I correct?


  2. Naiyyas says:

    So very true Tushar.. The internal locality needs to be taken care of and also regarding the number of cars- The days when every family had one car are gone instead every member in the family has his or her own personal car..


  3. Tushar says:

    A local person said – car loan is very easy available in Chandigarh. Is that true? He also said – The first priority is to buy a car for a family or an individual. Also true?
    Sector 43 and Sector 17 Bus Depot as well as ISBT very good and spacious but bus stands need improvement because at many places I was searching bus stand where bus halt for few seconds for passengers but unable to find but yes, auto service improved a lot since 10 years.


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Yeah.. The public transport is not that good. Also, people in Chandigarh believe more in show off and car is one big thing 🙂


  4. Tushar says:

    It is good to have ones own vehicle no matter show off or not but it is also true few times because there is not so better public transport system having own vehicle is good. I find public transport system good but yes, after 8:00 pm little difficult and also at early morning hours. As I am a foodie person I like visiting various sectors during evening hours for chaats, gol gappe and nutri kulcha etc etc.


    1. Naiyyas says:

      I agree.. The public transport needs to be improved, the whole tri city should be well connected 🙂


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