10 things I will dump this year

235x96_top-indivine-postThe ending of an old year calls for throwing away all the bad things and habits in that year and directing towards a fresh year with new self promises to be attained. That is why beginning of New Year is always cherished and celebrated. It is basically the learning’s from all the good and bad which happened in an year is put together and the lessons are used to make sure that we make our lives better the next year.

Things I would like to change about myself are many, but some of them which need to be changed urgently are those which I am going to mention in this blog post. I think no one is perfect and neither am I, but a change can at least bring you close to perfectness and peace in life. I believe if I work on all these 10 things, my life would be way peaceful than what it is today.

1. Being hyper

670px-Stop-Being-Hyper-Step-2I am too hyper due to which I end up taking wrong decisions and afterwards I regret for taking those stupid decisions.

2. Negative Thinking

kkkkYes! I am into super negative thinking these days and I am surely going to dump this habit within these 15 days.

3. Being talkative

cI am too talkative, I know and I want to be a good observer rather than being talkative. Oh! Lord please help me with this 😀

4. Junk Food


I almost promise myself everyday to have good carbs but I usually have junk food and all the promises about having good carbs are broken.

5. Irregular workout

imagesI love working out but I  tend to miss it because I am not able to manage too many things which I have to do everyday.

6. Not studying for the whole semester

fffAnd then when the semester gets over and exams drop in, I have just one option REGRET for not studying the whole semester.

7. Bad people in my life


Yeah.. That’s something I need to do!

8. Not posting regularly on my blog

180el8umq2sb5jpgI love you my blog, but I know sometimes I ignore you like hell. Sorry!

9. Not helping my mom

imagesYo mom.. I promise!

10. Over thinking

indexOver thinking is hazardous & I think I should stop it immediately.

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  1. The best is you know at least 10 things which itself is good. One of the best way to know ones questions and its answers is via traveling. Travel more..


  2. That’s my list. 😀 I will also work towards dumping these 10 things this year. I feel lots of people will be able to relate to your list. 🙂


  3. Hi, this is my first time on your blog and I must say it is very impressive.
    Identifying 10 things and eliminating them in the new year is sure a great thing; and I agree on most of them except the sixth. Because I been through it and no matter how hard I promised myself to study in the next semester but in the end everything came down to the night before the exam. 😀
    All the best!


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