Ways to eliminate classroom hunger

6a0120a7cb9b0e970b016764ff5fa9970b-800wiWays to eliminate classroom hunger
Classroom hunger is one of the biggest problems faced in India and various other countries. But they say every problem has a solution and so does this one. The government and the citizens of this country need to join hands, take steps to eliminate classroom hunger. Whatever estimates or hints which I have are as follows:-

1. Private schools start taking at least 2 pupils in each class from the economically backward class section and they make sure that they furnish them with food. It would be great if the school makes sure that the expenses of the books, notebooks, school uniform and various other things are supplied for free to such kids.

2. All the government schools should provide at least midday meals to the child attending the school. Food is a treat to the poor little children and if this treat is made well available the child would attend the school every day. Another big thing is that government schools should not compromise on quality.

3. The children who are regular to the school can be provided with 1Kg of rice or wheat or maybe both. Who doesn’t love bonus and children are no exception. If they are furnished with some additional treats, they would love to go to school.

4. Another best option is to open up evening schools. So, that the children can work in the morning and can study in the evening. In evening schools dinner should be provided and the quality of education should be kept like that of the morning ones.

5. The training provided in the school should be task oriented and also the kids should know the importance of education.

6. The schools if they are short of money can ask the people to donate for various matters like food, clothes, notebooks, books and various other necessities. The donation system should be transparent and also it should be such that the people can participate in making of the food or may be serving the food. So that they know that the donations are being used for some serious work.

7. The kids can be taught some skilled work which is not hazardous, but which they can do and can earn.

I think classroom hunger is not the major problem. The problem is that they have to earn a living not only for food but for various other basic necessities of life. Food is not the only basic necessity may be a kid also has to contribute to the rent of the room where the family is living may be he is also taking care of the expenses of his younger brother or sister who are too small to earn. Hence, basically there needs to be schools which are in conformity with the timings of such children. Likewise, there should be some way in which they are either contributed a defined amount for meeting their basic essentials or a means through which they are able to make their keep through some activity or work in the school itself.

What if classroom hunger is removed?
Padhega India tabhi to badega India. Literacy is one of the most significant elements for development of a country and no person going hungry to bed is another. And then if these two things are attained that would solve half of the trouble that we are confronting today.

P.S- This Blog post is for Blog to feed a child.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


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