Social Media

images“Social media” this word has acquired a great deal of importance in the recent years. As far as I remember it all started from Orkut, which had public chats, status updates with word limit, visibility of who visited your profile. Essentially it was wholly a public matter which was not liked much by the masses because of which there was a sudden shift from Orkut to Facebook. And then came in whatsapp which became famous because the govt. and the mobile companies altogether limited the number of personal messages to just hundred which was somewhat not liked by the people of India and they came up with a much better solution which is known as Whatsapp. And today we hold a bit of social media junctions of which I don’t yet recognize the names. Yes, Social media has changed our lives to a great extend and being a 90’s kid, I have seen both kinds of lives- A life without social media and a life with social media. The era was altogether also changed with the advent of smart phones. The impact of social media which I have noticed is:-

1. Instant access to social media
Smart phones are a boon and a curse at the very same time. When they didn’t existed, we could visit our Fb profiles only ones or twice in a day or maybe when we were at home. Outings were free from social media because desktops and laptops couldn’t be carried along, but now we have instant updates about everyone, every second. A big thanks not only to the smart phones, but also to the mobile companies which to a great extend have succeeded in providing secure internet access to virtually all of us.

2. Reduction in telephonic conversations

To begin with, the landline phone was of big importance, they were one of the or we can say the only way of speedy communication, but now those telephone conversations have been replaced by Fb updates and by Personal chats on Fb or Whatsapp. I don’t know if we have lost that personal touch, but yeah we are more connected with everything being shared from pictures to check in’s.

3. People consider you to be dead if you don’t update your social media profiles regularly

Yes, this happens: D

4. All of us have a topic to talk about- “Dusre ki Fb profile.”

Isn’t that so true? We all are always concerned about what a person wore or where a person visited or whom he or she has been with?

5. Electronic relationships & breakups

Earlier there used to be love letters, but now there is in a relationship with, single, love status updates and love selfies. 😀
(Electronic Zamana)

6. Puts an end to family closeness

Yes, this one is true, we all family members live under the same roof, but talk on Fb and not face to face. Are we becoming nerds? We convey our love on Fb, but we forget to hug and sit together with our parents. Social media you have done this to us and you should be extremely sorry for the same.

7. It is an addiction & Distraction at the very same time

Earlier, during exams telephonic conversations used to consist of “Kitna ho gya ya kitna kar liya” and now we have full liberty to update our status to how boring it is to study a particular subject. If we are at our worst we even click a selfie of our sad face and put it on
Instagram with a number of likes following in- a way by which people try to console you!

8. Led to mass protests & movements

Nirbhaya movement was one big example and “Abki bar Modi Sarkar” was no exception- Yes, social media helped tons!

9. A reason for many battles

This one is extremely true and all of us have had fights because of anything which took place on the social media of which we were a part. It can be a check in by your friend which was seen by your girlfriend and then you had to face the consequences. 😀

10. Used by anti social elements

But, the saddest part about social media is that it is used by anti social elements for various anti social activities like that of bullying or any terror attack.

P.S “I am participating in the #SMWBangalore  activity at BlogAdda in association with Social Media Week Bangalore“.


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