A letter to my Mom

IMG_4322Hey Mommy,

This one was much awaited, I know you have been waiting for this letter from at least an year. Well! This is more or less a thanks giving letter for whatever you have been and whatever you are, the most amazing superwoman in this whole world. I remember when I used to get thrashed for mental maths which used to make me mental, which even today is beyond my understanding. You know the only person I am afraid of and whom I love the most at the very same time is you. I know it’s your duty to be strict (smiles).

It’s so weird that there were days when I used to walk holding your fingers, but today, I walk by keeping my hand around your neck, which shows that we have walked an awesome journey from being just a mother-child to best friends. They say it right when a girl grows up, the value of mother increases. It’s only that I started understanding you as a woman.

You have constantly been a pillar of strength and motivation when I was in the worst stage of my liveliness. You are and always have been a great friend with whom I have shared all sorts of weird and illogical problems. I remember the days when we were sailing in the same boat that is when Bhaiya went abroad and we both were the only source of understanding for each other. Thanks for standing with me always, like Bhaiya does.10548054_10205176763649250_1864791465805326649_o

When I am in any problem, I can see the pain in your eyes. When I am happy, the glitter is visible in your eyes. Your prayers have always worked for me. Giving any exam without you is almost impossible, who will give me that motivational dose which consists anything and everything. How can I forget that you were the only person who was sure that I will certainly loose my fat and also learn car driving. Your trust in me was a source of constant happiness for me.

I love you for all the dresses that you buy for me because you want me to look like a princess. It’s the happiest thing for me in my life because I see my friends running around themselves for buying all their dresses, but why wardrobe is already ready with all good dresses.

Yes! How can I forget our fights? They are so awesome and we have no solution for them. Then, let the battles go on as they are because I love you for everything you are.

From one of the most notorious kid that you have!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. archanachaurasia2013 says:

    sweet 🙂


  2. dwitiy says:

    very sweet ..


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thanks diwity. You have a really nice and different name. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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