The magic of a Blog post.

meaningful-gift-ideasSometimes in the heat of anger you leave behind those people in your life which were once very important and without whom life was unimaginable. But since you have left them you have to live a life without them because even if you go back to that person and be friends again, the things can never be the same again, it’s just like if you tear a cloth and stitch it, the cloth cannot look like it was before tearing, the stitches are always visible. One such thing took place in my lifetime as well.

We were friends for as long as 8 years and they say that if it lasted for seven years it will last forever, maybe we wanted to prove this quote to be wrong and we left each other. She is 5 years elder to me, she had seen me as a kid, a teen and then as a twenty year old girl. She was more of a buddy and less of a sister whatever she was, she was the one on whom I could rely for anything.

We used to dance to the song “Tera Mujhse ha Pehle ka nata Koi” and it was fun- the best couple dance ever two girls could do. She is an artist and I am not so she used to help me or the better word is complete my art class work. She is such a good artist that when she arrived into my life, my Arts grade jumped from ‘C’ to ‘A’. I used to help her with her studies because she was a bit weak in it. She used to learn the topics and then recited them to me.
Though she was in college and I was in school, we used to go out together for having some good food in the evening from golgappas to grilled sandwiches. Night stays were another best thing and they were fun because they were occupied with dancing, ice creams, Maggi and sentimental talks. Crying for each other was a hobby because the very thought of being away from each other used to make us cry, but those were the best days of my life.

All the fun came to an end because one day we had a fight and we stopped talking to each other When we guys broke up, I had no courage to face her and say sorry because I knew that it was my mistake. One day I was sitting along the stairs of my house and I was remembering about her then a thought come to my head, the thought was that I should write a blog post for her . And then I wrote a blog post for her and sent a message of sorry and the link of the blog post to her.

The blog post idea was a hit because after that we started talking and even met a few times. I even attended her wedding, but things are not the same, but then also we talk and that is the best thing for me.I hope in the coming years we are able to fill in the gap.

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